Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jim Burgett on the ORO Label

When one thinks about great rockabilly records of the late 50's & early 60's, more often than not "Lake Tahoe" does not come to mind.

But that's exactly where Jim Burgett & his band first set up shop at the American Legion hall in 1957.

The boys gained enough notoriety on the scene that Columbia came calling, and in 1961 Burgett released the spooky minor-key ballad "The Living Dead" b/w "Let's Investigate."

After this, Burgett returned to cut two discs on the Modesto, California ORO label that released his first single "I Believe In You" b/w "Live It Up" in February 1960.

These recording sessions produced his arguably most well-known track "Scene Of The Crime" b/w "I Wouldn't Dare" in 1963. The same year saw the release of "Pauline" b/w "This Is The Night."

Burgett's only other major label 45rpm release was " Now I Taste The Tears" b/w "Innocence Is To Blame" on MGM in 1969.

Jim Burgett now lives in Las Vegas, where he still performs on a regular basis.