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Monday, June 16, 2014

B. Brock And The Sultans Do The Beetle

Whoever these guys were, they ripped.

Crown Records put out a fair amount of schlock in their day, but this 1964 LP release to capitalize on Beatlemania is in an entire league of its own.

"Do The Beetle" "30 LB. Beetle" and "Feed The Beetle" are all wild surf instro-burners worthy of single releases, but the off-key, unassured vocal cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" seals the deal that this off-the-rails kitsch long player would fade into record buying obscurity for years to come.


Jim H. said...

YAAAAAAAA!! this is the kind of genuine crumminess that sounds so great, that you just can't fake.....they MUSTA learned "I Want to Hold Your Hand" from the Munster's episode with the Standells doing it, sounds pretty close, and that's a GOOD thing!!!!! Thanks for making my Monday!!!

Apesville said...
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Apesville said...
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Apesville said...

B. Brock & The Vibratos : La Broc (CA) 45 - 101 -Fright / Hang 5
Same Guy?

They was a Artist called Bill Brock & another Called Brock Williams Both had 45rpm in (CA)

Ice Nine said...

B. Brock is Bob Brockie (Brocky?) He was a local hip/tough guy in our neighborhood of La Mirada, California. He had a garage band in early sixties and drove around in a lowered car. When the Beatles hit it big in the U.S. The Sultans jumped on the exploitation bandwagon with their "Beetle" bit, and this release allegedly sold like crazy. Word on the street in our town back then was that Bob was now rolling in dough. Thanks for the post and the memories. Steve from La Mirada