Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gene Norman's Son Presents

Sometimes, turning the keys of your jazz-heavy recording enterprise over to your son can produce strange and beautiful results.

Especially if you are Gene Norman, and your son has an otherworldly fascination with sci-fi monster music, and your son can actually compose, AND your son titles his sonic creations with names like "Tits From Mars."

Such is the case of Neil Norman who released a handful of science fiction themed LP's starting in the late 1970's.

But it was this 1974 single that started young Neil's career down the proverbial constellation hole. Kim Fowley certainly did his part in corrupting (?) Neil, producing and adding vocals to the scuzzy A-Side "Wild Boys."

Equal parts Zeppelin, T. Rex, New York Dolls, and Bowie, this anthem of debauchery includes such lyrics as:

"We are in the Wild Boys, satisfied by what you never tried."

The perky-titled flip "Tits From Mars" opens with a bassline eerily similar to Sabbath's "Children Of The Grave," but quickly veers off - warp speed - to boldly go where no record label owner's son has gone before.

Neil Norman still maintains ownership of the GNP Crescendo catalog, and hand delivered this single to Permanent Records in Los Angeles, CA.

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Timmy said...

W-O-W !!! Amazing..........
Thanx for posting.
This record label is the keeper of The Seeds~