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    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Vocal Group 45 of the Week!


    Monday, July 28, 2014

    Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week: Barry St. John - the lil' gal with the big voice!


    Barry St. John was merely a teenager when she recorded her first 45 in 1964. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland (and named Liz Thompson), Barry joined Ian Campbell & The Midnighters and then Bobby  Patrick & The Big 6. In 1961, the Big 6 moved to London and in 1962 they began to tour Germany and eventually moved to Hamburg. During this time Barry St. John was discovered as a solo artist and moved back to London by request of her management. In 1964 she recorded her first single for Decca a cover of the Shirelle's 'Thing of the Past'. However Barry was just cutting her teeth on those earlier singles. I think she really came into her own in the late 60's with one of my faves, her whalloping version of  'Cry Like A Baby'.


    I also like some of Barry's earlier sides, especially 'Brand New Man'

    Check out her versions of 'Bread & Butter',  and 'Hey Boy' - she really can belt it out.

    As an added bonus, here is 'Sweet Talk Me Baby' by Bobby Patrick & The Big 6!

    Here's Barry St. John's entry on the fab Ready Steady Girls site

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    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Vocal Group 45 of the Week!


    Monday, July 21, 2014

    Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week: Jenny Rock! the Quebec Cutie!

    Jenny Rock is now known for her rather crazy, awkward and adorable version of  'Mal' (cover of Deep Purple's 'Hush'). However she started off as a more cute and cuddly Quebec ye-ye singer who began her solo career in 1963 when she was signed to Select records and released 'Douliou douliou Saint-Tropez'. Saint Tropez was a popular topic of the time, a seemingly romantic destination often featured on film, so Jenny's song became very popular! 
    Wanting to move into a more rock'n roll vein, Jenny became influenced by the British Invasion, which in turn influenced her with American rock 'n roll. She released one of my favorite versions of  'Walkin' The Dog' during this time.

    She soon became influenced by soul music, and released the fantastic 'Le train pour Memphis'.

    Jenny concentrated on her studies for a few years, but came back to deliver that endearing 'Mal'! Dig the I Dream of Jeannie hairstyle!

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    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Vocal Group 45 of the Week!

    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    Support Your Local Honky Tonks

    Raise a glass to Greg G
    Side one

    Side two

    Monday, July 14, 2014

    HIGHER than we are down, The Fringe Factory Radio show featuring the High Leary's and more!

    High Learys Two To Match
    The Fantatics I Will Not be Lonely
    The Jury Who Dat?
    The Ogres Life, Love & The Pursuit Of Happiness
    The Grains Of Sand That’s When Happiness Began
    The Baron Four She Said Yeah
    The Neumans I Don’t Mind
    The Eyes I’m Rowed Out
    Francoise Guy Aouai Vens t’en
    The Flight Reaction World Is Black
    The Treez You Lied To Me Before
    The Superfine Dandelion Mr & Mrs Potato Head
    The Purple Barrier Dawn Breaks Thru
    Information Face To The Sun
    The Roaring 420’s Blue Jay
    The Phantom Keys Gloria’s Nightmare
    Crown’s Clan No Place For Our Mind
    The Boston Dexters Nothing’s Gonna Change Me
    The Split Ends Rich With Nothing
    The Sick Rose Get Along Girl
    Los Aspiriadoras Tornado Man
    Ali Baba & Ses 4 Voleurs Shishka bob ye ye
    Viv & The Sect Wasting My Mind, Wasting My Time
    The Shadows of Knight Darkside
    The Fort Mudge Memoria Dump Band: Mr. Man
    The Sound Sandwich Apothecary Dream
    July Friendly Man
    Driving Stupid Horror Asparagus Stories
    Wau Y Los Arrghs Bli Bli Blah
    Max Frost & The Troupers Free Lovin
    Tammy j Wooly Bully
    The Wailers You Were Not Using Your Head
    Ultimate Spinach Ego Trip
    Thee Flypped Whigs Want, Need, Love
    The Outsiders Touch

    Crayons to Perfume Girls of the Week: The Angeliques, Sensuous Swedish Swingers!

    The Angeliques were the first Swedish all-girl group, hailing from Goteborg in 1965. Their first EP is in Swedish, their second in English, 'You're Easy To Love' which opens with quirky organ sounds and some zinging guitar. Poppy, rock-y with hints of soul, it's a sound winner!

    -you can read more about the Angeliques on Swedish Beat and hear the flipside to 'Your Easy To Love',-'Sunshine Boy'

    Crayons to Perfume is coming soon to WFMU's Ichiban Soul, hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl

    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    Vocal Group 45 of the Week!


    Monday, July 7, 2014

    Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week: Dee Dee Sharp, the lil' filly from Philly!

    Answering a newspaper ad for a young girl who could read music and play piano, Dee Dee Sharp at 13 years old had no idea she was embarking on a life long entertainment career. She began to sing backing vocals for various musicians including Chubby Checker and appears on 'Slow Twist' (although not credited).
    In 1962 Cameo Parkway Records decided to put Dee Dee out in front, and she recorded 'Mashed Potatoes' - a dance song in a very similar vein to Chubby Checkers hits. Here's Dee Dee singing 'Mashed Potatoes' live - whadda cutie!

    Recently I discovered some of the lesser known songs Dee Dee recorded, and I particularly like 'Deep Dark Secret' - she sounds so mature here and I think it really shows how well she can sing!

    Crayons to Perfume is coming soon to WFMU's Ichiban Soul, hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl

    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    The Fringe Factory Radio Show - in memory of Patrick Lundborg

    The Fringe Factory Radio Show for July 9th 2014

    This episode of the Fringe Factory Radio Show is dedicated to the memory of Acid Archivist and Activist Patrick Lundborg. Richard and Glynis are on a kooks tour, taking turns playing sets of our fave modern day garage and psychedelic bands, 60's Canadian soul and girl garage. Come with us and take in all the things that make LIFE WORTHWHILE!

    Vocal Group 45 of the Week!