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    Monday, November 24, 2014

    Crayons to Perfume is on the FLY! We're now LIVE Wednesdays, 7pm in the Ichiban Stream!

    The girls are suited, booted and bouffed, and ready to move it on over to Wednesdays nights at 7pm starting Wed. Nov. 26 2014! We'll be LIVE in your WFMU Ichiban stream! Just come on over at 7 (right before the Fringe Factory Radio Show airs) - you don't have to click a thing - just listen!

    Now sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

    Crayons to Perfume is WFMU Ichiban's rock'n 60's girl group show

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Hello Josephine, do you like the Fringe Factory?

    We start todays show with the Scorpions, the UK beat band who found success abroad with 'Hello Josephine' and today's kick off, 'Just Like Me'. Listen to our whole one hour Fringe Factory here!

    The Scorpions: Just Like Me
    Cuby & The Blizzard: Your Body, Not Your Soul
    Jimmy Page: She Just Satisfies
    The Orangu-Tones: Santa’s Comin’
    The Kongsmen: Karate Monkey
    The Shandells: Go Go Gorilla
    Watchchildren: Salvador Dali’s Still Dying
    The 49th Parallel: Close The Barn Door
    Phluph: Elliptical Machine
    The Bo Weevils: You Drive Me Wild
    We The People: Mirror Of Your Mind
    The Cobras: I Wanna Be Your Love
    The Red Squares: You Can Be My Baby
    Les Symptmes: Zij Liet Me Staak
    The Matches: Little Boy
    The Sound Reasons: Till The End of Time
    The Bit A Sweet: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    The Seeds: Try TO Understand
    The Youth: Bubblegum
    The Satelliter’s: I’m A No Count
    The Slit Signals: You Bring Me Down
    Knee Jerk Reactions: Give In To Temptation
    In the background
    Crazy Elephant: Space Buggy

    stay tuned for the live version of the Fringe Factory Radio Show coming soon at 8pm on Wednesdays, on the WFMU Ichiban stream - tune in, and turn on to interact with our dj's Vikki V, Richard Whig and Glynis Ward while they play for you all the platters that matter!

    Monday, November 17, 2014

    Crayons to Perfume is on Vacation!

    Crayons to Perfume is on a much needed vacation! It gives you plenty of time to check out our past shows and watch these great video clips (hints of what's to come next!!)

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    The Reality of Air Fried Fringe Factory!

    Tonight on our fourth show for WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban, the Fringe Factory dig into some freaky freakbeat, sandwiched between garage, garage and more GARAGE! Click here to listen!

    A440: Torture
    The Driving Stupid: The Reality of Air Fried Borsk
    The Blue Things: One Hour Cleaners
    The Music Machine: Trouble
    The standells: Riot On Sunset Strip
    Micky & Ludella: Bedlam A Go Go
    Question Mark & The Mysterians: Midnight Hour
    Geno Washinton: Geno Is A Coward
    The Mighty Hannibal: Jerkin’ The Dog
    The Animals: Inside Looking Out
    The Hollies: Take What I Want
    The Lancastrians: She Was Tall
    Doctor Explosion: Lets Go In ’69
    Way Y Los Arrrrghs: Bli Blu Bla
    Thee Headcoatees: Dirty Old Man
    Pete Best: The Way I Feel About You
    The Syndicats: Crawdaddy Simone
    The Pretty Things: Walking Through My Dreams
    Los Crich: All Strung Out Over You
    The Thunderbeats: Confusion
    Elios: By My Side
    Morgen: Purple
    And in the background:
    Disturbers: Free & Easy
    The Time Keepers: Nasty

    If you'd like to send any correspondence, well wishes, encouragement to Phil May, lead singer of the Pretty Things who is feeling under the weather right now, you can do so by mailing your card to Ugly Things Magazine c/o Phil May PO Box 3021, La Mesa, CA 91944

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014

    Radio On

    Tune in to Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock today from Noon - 3 PM for a set from the mighty Reigning Sound!!  Don't miss their new album "Shattered" on Merge Records.  And catch Joe on Mondays starting next week on the new WFMU schedule.


    Monday, November 10, 2014

    Crayons To Perfume's Girl of the Week is Christine Pilzer and the fabulous Femmes de Francais!

    Christine Pilzer was the ultimate ye-ye girl! A disc jockey, a mod, a teenager in France who loved just being a teenager! Sneaking out from her parents, hanging with her gang, loving pop music, fashion and comics. She was also an illustrator for comic books! But the one thing she had not done was make a record - and so she did!

    Christine is one of the few ye-ye girls who was able to take a light hearted approach to her two EP musical career, and be in control of it - and it's why she still enjoys the memories. See her perform, looking almost exactly as she did in the 60's in her bowl haircut with petite figure and mod dress - with Les Terribles in 2006!

    Now listen to a full hour of Crayons To Perfume 16 - French girls, Canadian Girls and other girls who sang in French!

    Christine Pilzer: Mon P'tit Homme Spatial
    Christine Pilzer:Ils pataugent
    Christine Pilzer:Ah-Hem-Ho-Uh-Err
    Violaine: Dam dou ah
    Violaine: J'ai des Problèmes Décidément
    Cleo: Et moi, et toi, et soie
    Cleo & Cedric: Le Jour Se Lèvera Sur Tout Ça
    Karine: Une Autre Autoroute
    Les Intrigantes - Mets Chinois
    Michelle Richard - Les Boites A Gogo
    Claire Lepage - Bam Bam Bam
    Karo - dans le ventre d'une enorme baleine
    Ariane et les 20/10 Louie, Reviens Chez Toi
    Petula Clark: L'Agent Secret
    RIA BARTOK: C'est Trop Tot
    Gillian Hills: Tut Tut Tut Tut
    Charlotte Leslie: Les filles c'est fait pour fair l'amour
    Annie Phillipe: C’est La Mode
    Cosette: Idealization
    Elizabeth: Je Suis Sublime
    Brigitte Bardot: Contact
    Clothilde: La Chanson Bête Et Méchante
    Background: Saint Tropez

    Friday, November 7, 2014

    Live From The Admiral


    I Love You Truly

    It's always Halloween here on Ichiban.  Don't miss this mostly ghostly playlist from Mr. Whiplash.

    Gary Stewart - I Love You Truly (2:51)

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    The Fringe Factory Radio Show: We All Love Peanut Butter!

    It's national peanut butter lovers month, and to celebrate such a sticky situation we've kicked out the jams! Click here to listen to the Fringe Factory's third show for WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban!

    Dig the lykes of:
    The Missing Links: Wild About You
    The Mourning Reign: Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Dr. Specs Optical Illusion: Trying' To Mess My Mind
    The Vindicators: Searchin' For My Baby
    The Neumans: So Long
    The Ar-Kaics: She Does Those Things To Me
    The Dave Clark V: Maze Of Love
    The Dukes: The Dentist
    The Southern Sound: Just The Same As You
    The Five Sounds: Peanut Butter
    The Greenhornes: High Time Baby
    The High Learys: Idolize Your Woman
    The Castels: Save A Chance
    Fortune & Maltese: Lets All Go To The Science Fair
    The Music Machine: See See Rider
    Clefs of Lavender Hill: Stop, Get A Ticket
    The Mystreated: You Better Run
    The Bell Towers: She's Gone
    The Sunrays: I Live For The Sun
    The Chesterfield Kings: Top Down Time
    The Routes: Hang 11
    The Jam: Somethings Gone
    Background: The Ventures

    -The Fringe Factory are Vikki V, Richard Whig and Glynis Ward, you can find us on Facebook. Like us, we take requests!
    if you feel the need to check out our Ichiban archive, you can find it here!

    Monday, November 3, 2014

    This week, Crayons to Perfume is IN TROUBLE! GIRL TROUBLE! with our Girl of the Week, Linda Flavell Scott!!

    Little is known about our girl of the week, Linda (Flavell, as she was known in the US) Scott except for a handful of rather obscure girl pop 45's. Linda is however best known for her version of 'The Trouble With Me Is You' - our theme for this week!
    As far as I know, Linda stopped recording in 1969, and here's one of her last releases, 'You Wanted Me To Be Your Baby' which to me sounds a bit like Lulu's later 60's material.

    Now, check out the rest of our troubled girls on this week's Crayons To Perfume show 15

    Linda Flavel Scott: The Trouble of Me Is You
    Linda Flavel Scott: You Made A Fool Of Me
    Linda Flavel Scott: Sweet Sweet Reason
    Ginny Arnell: Trouble’s Back In Town
    Little Eva: The Trouble With Boys
    Lada Edmund Dr. Trouble (is his middle name)
    The Rev-Lons: Boy Trouble
    The Chiffons: My Boyfriends Back
    Diane Renay: Troublemaker
    Girl In Trouble Trailer
    The Charmers: Looking for Trouble
    Ikettes: Trouble On My Mind
    The Angelos: Bad Motorcycle
    Carole King: He’s A Bad Boy
    The Angels: The Guy With The Black Eye
    Reparata & The Delrons: The Kind of Trouble That I love
    The Pussycats: Dressed In Black
    The Shangri las: Leader Of The Pack
    Suzy Cope: Juvenile Deliquent
    The Chicks: The Rebel Kind
    The Man-Eaters: Get Off The Road
    The Girls: Chico’s Girl
    The White Boots: Nightmare
    Background: Davie Allan & The Arrows: Sulkin