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    Monday, November 10, 2014

    Crayons To Perfume's Girl of the Week is Christine Pilzer and the fabulous Femmes de Francais!

    Christine Pilzer was the ultimate ye-ye girl! A disc jockey, a mod, a teenager in France who loved just being a teenager! Sneaking out from her parents, hanging with her gang, loving pop music, fashion and comics. She was also an illustrator for comic books! But the one thing she had not done was make a record - and so she did!

    Christine is one of the few ye-ye girls who was able to take a light hearted approach to her two EP musical career, and be in control of it - and it's why she still enjoys the memories. See her perform, looking almost exactly as she did in the 60's in her bowl haircut with petite figure and mod dress - with Les Terribles in 2006!

    Now listen to a full hour of Crayons To Perfume 16 - French girls, Canadian Girls and other girls who sang in French!

    Christine Pilzer: Mon P'tit Homme Spatial
    Christine Pilzer:Ils pataugent
    Christine Pilzer:Ah-Hem-Ho-Uh-Err
    Violaine: Dam dou ah
    Violaine: J'ai des Problèmes Décidément
    Cleo: Et moi, et toi, et soie
    Cleo & Cedric: Le Jour Se Lèvera Sur Tout Ça
    Karine: Une Autre Autoroute
    Les Intrigantes - Mets Chinois
    Michelle Richard - Les Boites A Gogo
    Claire Lepage - Bam Bam Bam
    Karo - dans le ventre d'une enorme baleine
    Ariane et les 20/10 Louie, Reviens Chez Toi
    Petula Clark: L'Agent Secret
    RIA BARTOK: C'est Trop Tot
    Gillian Hills: Tut Tut Tut Tut
    Charlotte Leslie: Les filles c'est fait pour fair l'amour
    Annie Phillipe: C’est La Mode
    Cosette: Idealization
    Elizabeth: Je Suis Sublime
    Brigitte Bardot: Contact
    Clothilde: La Chanson Bête Et Méchante
    Background: Saint Tropez


    François said...

    So french , with the charming "je ne sais quoi" so sexy voice of Christine.

    garrido said...

    it's good to hear you back, you have all the best songs! thanks134

    Anonymous said...

    Still sounds like crap (swirly) compared to WFMU radio show archives. Maybe it's the MP3 algorithm parameters you are using? Maybe it's being re-compressed?

    What is the parameters you are using for these Ichiban shows compared to WFMU?

    I really want these to sound as good as WFMU...