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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crayons to Perfume! 7pm Tonight!!

It's ANYTHING GOES on Crayons to Perfume! on's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban...I'm playing girl groups (of course), female fronted 60's soul, and international girls while I ask you to support WFMU and Crayons To Perfume!

I've also got GREAT GIFTS from my own personal collection to give to lucky pledgers!

Join me in the Ichiban chat room, at .. click the text "see all channels" just below the main image and open the slider to show Ichiban and Crayons to Perfume! I'll be there at 7pm, and by clicking the small link that says "playlist and comments" you'll end up in the chat room! I've got Ronettes pinbacks, cd's and even a copy of SHIRLEY MATTHEWS BIG TOWN BOY to give away!


for a pledge of $75 you can get Frozen Felines - 26 Canadian Kittens that will NEVER AGAIN be compiled! 1960--1969, coast to coast Canadian girls in a one of a kind collection!


Anonymous said...

is there any place where I can get the playlists of ALL volumes of your FAB series? (Seems to me that starts with November 26, 2014: Crayons To Perfume - Ladies who play Instrument)
Thx in advance abnd best greetings from Italy!

(nichael vee)

Debbie D said...

Try this:

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, not all liNks to the playlists work so I'm afraid I have to do the investigation job... btw, give my regards to GirlGroupGirl, anyway, thanks for getting back!

GirlGroupGirl said...

All links work - the show was just launched in two different forms. Earlier shows are podcasts - click the text link in the blog post that shows. Since Nov. 2014 the shows are on the WFMU server system and you click the words pop up player to hear them. Thanks for listening!!!