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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lori Burton is Crayons to Perfume's! Girl of the Week!

Crayons To Perfume has Singers & Songwriters featuring Lori Burton! You may know Lori as the stupendous Whyte Boots of NIGHTMARE fame - the song that epitomizes tough, NY girl rock'n roll. Lori helped write Nightmare, and tonight show features Lori along with Jackie deShannon, Barbara Lynn, Ellie Greenwich and of course Carole King! Join us at 7pm, click here look for the text link that says all channels, and you'll find the girls on Ichiban, click the link to the playlist and comments and you'll head right into the chat room with me!

if you love Crayons to Perfume! and Girl Groups, you can pledge your support by clicking here and offering any denomination and crediting your pledge to Crayons To Perfume!, but remember, for a pledge of $75 or more you can get our fab new DJ premium FROZEN FELINES, 26 Canadian Kittens - most of whom have never before been compiled or re-issued, featuring Canadian psychedelic and soul sisters, girl groups and teeners plus ferocious Francophones! During our shows on March 11th and 18th I will also be giving away girl group CD's to lucky listers who join me live, in the chat room and make your pledges while I'm on the air (if you call into the station, please credit the pledge to Crayons! Thank-you!) plus everyone who pledges to Ichiban gets a cool free retro radio Ichiban sticker!!