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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The live Zakary Thaks film

What if there were a half-hour film of a real 60s garage band performing ? Well, there is ! By some miracle, authentic 1966 Corpus Christi heroes the Zakary Thaks were filmed by a friend of their manager, who thought it would be a good promotional tool for the band. The film (click here) was never used and was lost for years. Now online, it's well worth watching all the way through.

Unfortunately, the guys seem self-conscious about the filming and they don't completely cut loose, and the same goes for their friends dancing in front of the stage during one take. Attempts at psychedelic lighting fail miserably. But who's complaining ?

Apparently it was a guy from Cicadelic Records who located the film and put it online. Thanks a lot, man ! He also did this insanely long but fascinating interview with the band, talking about everything that was happening around them in Texas at that time, including the film, their social life and the Jax beer commercial they recorded.

"...none of the Thaks finished high school except me. They all dropped out, because of hair codes and behavioral problems."

The film has some good songs, but does not include their garage hit, Bad Girl, which you already know from Pebbles Vol. 2.

"I want to say [Bad Girl] was like the one true picture of what the Zakary Thaks were as a group. That literally was written by all five of us in one afternoon."

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GirlGroupGirl said...

I love this film, I love when the lights eventually go out and it's all dark. Most of all I love the suits and sandals!!