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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crayons to Perfume's Girls of the Week Patty & The Emblems and Mixed Up Shook Up Girls at 7!

Patty & The Emblems from Philly PA (well, at least Patty Russell!) are our Girls of the Week, in a show that can't decide yes or no! Crazy, Mixed Up Girls!

We've got The Ladybirds, Velvetones, Voilaine, Shangri-Las and may many more girls, tonite at 7 on the Ichiban Stream You can join us in the chat room by clicking the playlist and comments link as soon as I'm on the air!

Don't forget to check out our archive for even MORE girls!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for all you do, this is cool to me. Loved the early shows; but since then I have not been able to listen to your cast as streaming off a website is not practical for me at all. Is there a way to download them to my mp3 player? Regardless, thanks again for all you do!

- Tooling down the Highway

GirlGroupGirl said...

download directions are on my archive blog.