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    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    The Pop Of Greenwich Village

    1 Henry Burr: Rose Of Washington Square
    2 The Village Stompers: The Bird Of Bleeker Street
    3 Warren Galjour: Christopher Street
    4 Curtis Knight: Down In The Village
    5 Gordon Ramsey: Hurry Down To Bleecker
    6 Caloogie: Bleecker Street
    7 The Ames Brothers: Washington Square
    8 Sonny Vincent: Washington Square Park Incident
    9 The Beatles: Positively 4th Street
    10 Valerie & Bobby Capers: West 4th Street
    11 The "E" Types: 4th Street
    12 Johnny Rivers: Positively 4th Street
    13 unknown: McDougal Street Freakout
    14 Billie Dearborn: MacDougal Street Blues
    15 I, She & Me: McDougal Street
    16 Elmer Bernstein: Greenwich Village Rumble
    17 Jim & Jesse: Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman
    18 Neljä Penniä: Washington Square
    19 Miluše Voborníková a Petr Spálený Bílá Víla (Greenwich Village)
    20 The Tradewinds: The Girl From Greenwich Village
    21 Simon & Garfunkel: Bleecker Street
    22 Jill Jones: 77 Bleeker St
    23 The Village Stompers: Washington Square
    24 Dave Brubeck Quartet: Autumn In Washington Square
    25 Lenzberg's Riverside Orch.: Rose Of Washington Square
    26 Aretha Franklin: Rose Of Washington Square
    27 Exuma: The Bowery
    28 Ferre Grignard: On The Bowery
    29 Elmer Bernstein: MacDougal Street Special
    30 Fred Neil: Bleecker And MacDougal
    31 Mitch Miller & His Orch.: The Bowery Grenadiers
    32 Uncle Dave Macon: I'll Never Go There Any More (The Bowery)
    33 Willie Nile: The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square
    34 Mick Harvey: St. Mark's Place
    35 Lou Reed: Sally Can't Dance
    36 Thomas Newman: St. Mark's Place
    37 Lou Reed: Halloween Parade
    38 Tommy Scott & The Men Of The Long Journey: Good-Bye, Greenwich Village

    2 Comments: said...

    "MacDougal Street Freak Out" is a 1968 song by Dan Green. His son released it on his label Double Agent Records in 1997 in a double-7" set (with his parents on the cover, so sweet).

    More info:

    Thank you for being the knowledgeable music hero you are. Have loved you since I bought your 1988 double-LP. You have had a huge impact on my music purchases, knowledge, and audio loves — and in turn, those of my friends and family. You are the best! said...

    via the Wayback Machine:

    "In 1968, I was a staff writer for MRC Music, the publishing division of Mercury Records, grinding out songs for $100 a week. I came to work every day with my guitar and wrote, wrote, wrote. The publishing company would own the songs and try to get them recorded by hot groups. I usually sang the demos, but if the song was a real good one, MRC would hire studio musicians to perform it. I would also help with the arrangement and orchestration of the recordings. Then, the demos would be sent to the producers of the artists we hoped would record them. Some of my songs were recorded [and released] by Three Dog Night, Peppermint Rainbow, The Duprees. The Foundations, French Kiss, and others. Many thanks to my son, Peter, for releasing these lost recordings. I hope you enjoy them." Dan Green