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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Long Live Bobby Jameson

Bobby Jameson’s entire life is a rather bizarre story of making it, and breaking – opportunities that led nowhere, opportunists who took advantage of a desperate, artistic genius who had a sensitive, rather tortured soul. He was exploited and then rather forgotten – partly because his most well known recordings “Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest” were made under the name Chris Lucey and partly for his need to exit from manipulative “manager” Tony Alamo.
Bobby Jameson passed away this week, but he left a strong impression on those who he’d had some contact with – and those who have heard his musical output from the 60’s which covers just about every style of music from the era including the folk-rock filled “Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest”, movin’ rhythm and blues rocker “Viet-Nam”, pop like “All I want is my Baby”(with some of the Stones) then his pop-sike solo material with Curt Boettcher.
Bobby dropped out of theu popular music scene for many years until he realized that some people had not forgotten and others had discovered his music and loved it.

My favorite record he released was a collaboration with Frank Zappa - Roogalator -

Bobby left us with fascinating youtube channel filled with his music, older and newer and an even more fascinating blog