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Thursday, July 2, 2015

DJ Terry Knight leads the Pack!

Musician and songwriter, Terry Knight started his career as DJ Terry Knapp as a teenager in Michigan in the early 60's. He used Knapp for a few years, then changed to Terry Knight - and even began working at CKLW in Windsor which is where he got the idea to start a band.

Here's an aircheck of Terry from WEAM in 1968

He was frustrated at having to fit into a particular radio format, and preferred a more freeform style. You gotta wonder if that's when he thought up How Much More

The Pack made some killer records! Check out Numbers!

Being in the Pack didn't stop Terry Knight from also being a DJ, he went on to work for WTRX, who apparently really liked his band!

Terry was also infamous for scoring a Capitol Records solo gig in the late 60's, sitting in on the Beatles White album sessions and writing his Paul is Dead song Saint Paul. He also put Grand Funk Railroad together with a few x-Pack members and a few ? & The Mysterians - hoping to manage and produce them. Everyone fired him.
Then he went on to start his own label in the early 70's but the drug scene won over.

In Nov. 2004 Terry Knight was stabbed to death by his daughters boyfriend as he tried to protect her from the assault.

Long live Terry Knight!