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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunny and the Sunliners, one-hit wonders ?

Sunny and the Sunliners (originally Sunny and the Sunglows) were a group of chicanos from San Antonio, featuring lead singer Sunny Ozuna and his fellow students from Burbank Vocational School. They were mainly active from 1959-1966, with lots of singles and several albums, bowing out with a final LP in 1977. (The band name may be a reference to the slick Ford Sunliner convertibles, current in the 50s.)

Ichiban listeners know this brilliant, rockin' number, with Tex-Mex and soul/R&B influences.
No One Else Will Do

Which leaves the burning question : what else did they have ? Friends, I just listened to a hundred of their songs on YouTube, and while there is some solid work, there seems to be no other comparable track. Impossible to say where this aberration came from.

The band's output seems to fall into several categories. Many songs are what I will call – out of my ignorance – "mariachi" style. In any case, they sound like this.
De Mi Nada Mas

Then there are some with a Tex-Mex border sound, like their San Antonio neighbors the Sir Douglas Quintet.
Sufriendo Y Penando

Others are slow ballads.
Talk to Me (Little Willie John cover, charted #11 pop, #12 R&B)
Think it Over

Some songs are more soul-oriented.
It's Okay
Or R&B.
Oop Oop Pidoo [sic]

Here, they put the brass section to work.
Hip Huggin Mini

If anybody knows of anything else in their repertoire like No One Else Will Do, call me collect !!!

Stop press !!! Bazooka Joe sez check this one out. Thanks, Joe !
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Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm sure it's a lot/too much work, but we need more of these...though links to the tunes would be good too (especially for those of us at work....)

Jon von Zelowitz said...

Glad you liked the post. Actually all songs are already linked, click on the song name (which is underlined) ! ;-)

ppulidog said...

It´s a shame that there's no decent CD anthology by Sunny.

Anonymous said...

"no one else will do" was cover by the Tail Gators from Austin on there first LP