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Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Speedy West!

Remembering the birthday boy (January 25, 1924 – November 15, 2003) today. Hailing from Springfield, MO, Speedy started playing around age 9, thanks to his father who sold his own guitar to buy Speedy a National steel bodied resonator. Right after he moved to California in 1946, he started picking up gigs playing with folks like Spade Cooley, Tex Williams, & Hank Penny. He met Jimmy Bryant in 1948, and around 1950, the two of them worked on some Tennessee Ernie Ford sessions, which led to him landing an instrumentalist contract with Capitol. Between 1950-1955, West played on over 6,000 recordings, and continued to play even after his days at Capitol. They are remembered as one of the greatest guitar duos of all time! Three cheers for Speedy, today and every day! 

Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West- "Stratosphere Boogie" 

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Joe Noce said...

Hard for our feeble human brains to even digest & decode these amazing players' efforts. Thanks for posting!