WFMU Ichiban, Rock and Soul with Debbie D

Sunday, April 17, 2016

DJ Roulette With Laurent!

Don't miss this week's DJ Roulette with Laurent.  And stay tuned to Ichiban all day!!  Laurent will also be filling in for The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7 PM followed by Whig Out!


Pat Farrell “Mojo workout” USA a.k.a Pat Sickafus originally unissued, from The Arf! Arf! [El Cheapo] 2-CD Sampler
The Smacks “Reckless ways” USA originally from Alear (Winchester,VA) 45
The Casuals “Mustang 2+2” USA originally from 1964 Sound Stage 7 45
The Beau Gentry “Black cat blues” USA originally unissued, from If You're Ready! The Best Of Dunwich Records...Volume 2 CD

Break #1

Sammy King & The Voltairs “We're Through” UK originally from 1964 His Master’s Voice 45
The Peasants “Let’s get together” UK originally from 1965 Columbia 45
The Troggs “Lover” UK originally from 1970 Page One 45
The Rockin’ Berries “Flashback” UK originally from 1964 Piccadilly 45
The Kavern Four “I want to dance” UK originally from 1964 Brum Beat Decca compilation

Break #2

The Addrisi Brothers “Gonna see my baby” USA originally from 1960 Del-Fi 45
The Reactors “Do that thing” USA originally from 1966 Cameo 45
Don & the Goodtimes “Runnin’ not walking” USA originally unissued, from Northwest Battle Of The Bands Volume Two CD
The Bytel Lums “Stranger in the night” USA originally unissued, from Drive-In A GoGo! Volume 1 CD
The Jinx “I can’t go on loving you” USA originally unissued, from Fort Worth Teen Scene Volume Two CD

Break #3

Platform Six “Girl down town” UK originally from 1965 Piccadilly 45
The Bitter Lemons “Canberra blues” AUSTRALIA originally from 1965 EMI Custom Records 45
The Moody Stones “Gloria” France originally from 1965 DMF EP
Les GaĆ«lic “Sortez sans moi ce soir (What can I do today)” France originally from 1966 Festival EP

Break #4

The Lemon Pipers “Quiet please” USA originally from 1967 Dana Lynn 45
Just 5 “Well don’t that beat them all” IRELAND originally from 1966 Ember Records Ireland's Greatest Sounds: Five Top Groups From Belfast's Maritime Club compilation

Pacifics “Another chance” GREECE originally from 1966 Philips 45
The Jerms “The way it’s gonna be” USA from circa 1967 still unissued
Vat 66 “Vat 66 theme” SWEDEN originally from 1966 Olga Records 45

Break #5

The In Crowd “Old McDonald” GERMANY originally from 1966 Star-Club Records 45