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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Decca Darlings

Decca Darlings - the first in a series of shows featuring the girls of Decca Records and their subsidiary's, begins with the inaugural show this evening at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific, on Crayons to Perfume! Featuring Decca Beat Girl 45s from the UK, and we'll hear Maryanne Faithful, Antoinette, Louise Cordet, Lady Lee, Dodie West and many more - and in the following weeks tune in to hear international Decca dames and girl groups. Thanks to recent compilations like The Girls Scene and Love Hit Me! we know more about the Decca girls today, than we ever did before. Tune in for Decca Darlings - UK beat girls here!

Here's Dana Gillespie from her 1969 LP on Decca Box of Suprises, and her version of the Hollies Pay You Back With Interest (previously released on a Pye 45 in 1967)