Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mop Melting Whig Out!

Whig Out! with Mop Melting 60's and modern garage - tonight featuring the NEW version of the Sellwood's hit, City of People (originally by the Illusions), now with added JUNE on the Keyboards!

It's the last day of the WFMU Marathon and the Whig Out! is pulling out the stops! We've got our GRAND PRIZE package from HIDDEN VOLUME records, plus a handful of great 45's to give away so be sure to tune and of course PLEDGE to WIN! We're also giving our premium, premium track from Flyp Your Lid - our WFMU premium full of the Wyld and Whiggy sounds that start and end our show every week, a spin - it's an exclusive from the Reverberations out of Portland, Oregon and it's just gonna blow your little mind to bits so make sure you catch this week's show! Here's the link to tune in, at 8pm right after the Real Nitty Gritty!