Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jean Thomas - Singer, Songwriter, Session girl Extraordinaire!

Jean Thomas unwittingly became one of the most heard voices in the early 60's girl group era - her sweet sounds with the teen style voice are those you often hear as the back up shooby doo wahs on so many girl group records, but Jean sang back ups for the guys too! Jean started as a solo artist, but soon came to the attention of Bob Crewe, who was putting together the Rag Dolls - his girl group answer to the 4 Seasons. Jean's high range and sweet sounds filled the bill for a falsetto lead, and she became the voice of the Rag Dolls, the Cheese Cakes, the Surfer Girls and so many more. She's also the voice behind Neil Diamond's earlier hits, the Beach Nuts and really too many more to count. You can read a lot more about Jean here! and also here and tune in to Crayons to Perfume! this evening at 7pm to hear Jean's voice.