WFMU Ichiban, Rock and Soul with Debbie D

Monday, January 22, 2018

Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban Program Schedule

Keep those transistors hot with WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban stream !!!

  • Tune in to Ichiban all week long for these great shows !
  • Listen live on the stream with the following schedule !
  • Click on a show below for a live playlist and chat during the broadcast, or to listen anytime to the archives of previous shows !

How to listen to Ichiban live 24/7 :

6-8 pm EST (00:00 CET*, 08:00 JST**) Come to the Sunshine with Andrew Sandoval - Each week, Andrew ushers you into his record room for a two-hour assortment of scintillating 1960’s sounds.
8-10 pm Big Planet Noise with Bob I. and Gina - Wild 60's wax blasts! Garage, Bikers, B3s, Fuzz & more!!!
7-8 pm What's Happening?!?! with Matt Clarke - 1960s Beat, Folk-Rock, Soul, Mod.
7-8 pm Crayons to Perfume with Glynis GirlGroupGirl - Girl group sounds 1960-69.
8-9 pm Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V - A lysergic time trip into the international fuzzy,  psychedelic, garage & hard rockin' 60s underground.
8-9 pm Make With The Shake with DJ Pat K - Straight from the frayed end of the Rust Belt, nothing but the finest rock & soul hipshakers and earthquakers of the 50s & 60s.
7-8 pm The Real Nitty Gritty with Real Nitty Gritty Tania and Thomas Torment - A weekly record hop featuring savage R&B, greasy rockabilly, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, sleazy instro-trash.
8-9 pm The Whig Out with Glynis GirlGroupGirl and Richard W - 60's garage sounds from then until now.

And on Sunday, a replay of this week's shows plus 2 extras :
6 am (12:00 CET*, 20:00 JST**) The Real Nitty Gritty
7 am (13:00 CET) The Whig Out
8 am (14:00 CET) Crayons to Perfume
9 am (15:00 CET) Fringe Factory
10 am (16:00 CET) What's Happening?!?!
11 am (17:00 CET) DJ Roulette - A varied cast of DJs, including :
   The Big Beat Generation with Laurent - Unsung Heroes of 1960's rock'n'roll.
   Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves with Julea - Featuring mostly country western, rockabilly, & hillbilly hidden gems recorded in the 1950s & 1960s.
   Atomic Jukebox with Jon - Good music for driving fast.
12 Noon (18:00 CET) Make with the Shake
1-3 pm (19:00 CET) Come to the Sunshine
3 pm (21:00 CET) DA The DJ’s Ichibunny Robot – Ever evolving AI programmed and executed emulation of 60s Rock-N-Roll radio brought to you by WFMU's DA The DJ.
4-6 pm (23:00 CET) Big Planet Noise

* Central European Time (Paris)
** Japan Standard Time (Tokyo)