WFMU Ichiban, Rock and Soul with Debbie D

Monday, June 17, 2019

Big Planet Noise Show #153 Airs Tonight!

Big Planet Noise airs TONIGHT – 8pm/7c – on WFMU's Rock 'n Soul Ichiban! ALABAMA JUKEBOX. On a trip down south, I wound buying a small batch of records from an older gent, in a mighty ruff part of town. He'd once been an operator and had TONS of 45s (familiar & forgotten) in an old shed out back. After digging through thousands of filthy/destroyed records, I wound up buying several dozen of the cleanest and/or most interesting. I've hosed off the dust and grime – and that's what we're playing for you tonight. So, it'd prob be best to put the Stroh's on ice now, grab a bucket of fried chicken, and fire up the Rock-Ola Capri. This will be BIG FUN – and we'll be back to the usual stuff next week!