Sunday, July 28, 2019

Most Children Do

The Universal Messengers: Drums
Big Sam Mason & His House Rockers: Bright Day
Ganiman & His Orientals: Cafe Bohemian
Gordon Ramsey: Hurry Down To Bleecker
Venta & The Cherries: Coolie
Tiny Tim Harris: Don't Say
The Electras: Boo Babe
Carolyn Boran with The Country Stylers: I'm A Woman Without A Man
Debbie Stevens: If You Can't Rock Me
John Lee Hooker & Little Eddie Kirkland: I Got Eyes For You
The Starfires: Vampire
Rev. Charlie Jackson: The Goodness Of God (pt. 1)
Brother Woodman & The Chanters: Watts
Jason & Maryhazel: Reverend King
The Rites Of Spring: Comin' On Back To Me
Donna Dee: Nobody's Gonna Hurt You
Linda Scott: You Wanted Me To Be Your Baby
Harrison Calloway: Ooh My Cha Cha
Dat en Wat: Dead Man Blues
Mercy: Fireball
The Fallen Angels: Most Children Do
Jack Bradshaw: Naughty Girls
The Forum Quorum: Your Turn To Cry
The Forum Quorum: Just The Same
The Forum Quorum: Girl Make Up Your Mind
Ben Carruthers & The Deep: Jack Of Diamonds
Barbara Blake & The Uniques: Can't Get Away (It's Not That Easy)
Marie "Queenie" Lyons: We'll Cry Together