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Friday, August 9, 2019

Velvet Underground: A Symphony Of Sound

VU superrarities:
Hedy (2-66, from Warhol film Hedy; music-only portions)
Noise (8-66, from Electric Newspaper album; music-only process)
Chic Mystique (Dom, 4-66, from Mekas film Walden)
Hedy (2-66, from Warhol film Hedy; "cut the chat" edit)
The Gerard Malanga Story (1966, from Warhol film The Chelsea Girls)
Nico Crying (1966, "exit music" from Warhol film The Chelsea Girls)
A Symphony Of Sound (Factory, 1-66; from Warhol film A Symphony Of Sound)



Anonymous said...

Phil, so good to these lovely stuff in just one cut! Terrific!! Fantastic the Noise Music Only. Well done.
Thanks Alfredo

Abella Alexandrie said...
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