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Friday, November 29, 2019

I Do Whatta Do

The Varatones: Repeto
The Suburban Homes: Anxiety Attack
The Suburban Homes: Welcome To Shitsville
Jimmy Ward with Oety & His Real Rockers: Teen Beat Slop
Steve Barri: Never Before
Ivory Lee: Alley Oop!
Sanford Clark: The Fool (1966 version)
The Creel Sisters: I Do Whatta Do
Jan Howard: Your Ole Handy Man
Leona Williams: Country Girl With Hot Pants On
Karen Dalton: Reason To Believe
The New Dream: Groupie
Roy Moss: You're My Big Baby Now
Jeanne & The Darlings: It's Unbelievable! (How You Control My Soul)
Laurel All Stars: I Rasta
Joe White: Bad Man
Stranger Cole & The Conquerors: Drop The Ratchet
Marcia Griffiths: Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
Nickey, Lorraine & Lucy: The Way It Goes
Curfew: Photogenic Jenny
The Fidelitones: Playboy
Anita Harris: I Run To Hide
Anita Harris: London Life
The Crew Cuts: Susie-Q
The Crew Cuts: Yea, Yea, She Wants Me
The Pre-Historics: Oh Blues
Adam & Dee: Question Of Childhood
Michael McGinnis: Lock Myself Inside My Head
The Christian Harmonizers: Troubles Of The World


Anonymous said...

link is for Don't Hush The Laughter not I Do Whatta Do

Phil X. Milstein as The Silent DJ said...

Doh! The link is now correct.

Anonymous said...

That was fast. Thanks.