Friday, September 4, 2020

Mainly For Men (I Feel So Unnecessary!)

Pat Holben Trio: Keep On Truckin'

unknown: Unknown (from unaired 1969 BBC pilot Mainly For Men)

The Just Luv: Valley Of Hate

Les Yper Sound: Too Fortiche

Dino, Desi & Billy: It's Just The Way You Are

Keith Relf: Shapes In My Mind

Buster & James: Count The Tears (co-wr. Nilsson)

John Leyton: Lone Rider

James Miles: Mr. Blackbird

The Castaways: Walking In Different Circles

David Box & The Ravens: Apache

The Bunch: Looking Glass Alice

Electric Light Orchestra: Julie Don't Live Here

Andrew Klimek: Felt Hammer

Thalia Zedek: First Of June

The Rolling Stones: Love In Vain (live, Oakland, 11-9-69)

Les Yper Sound: Psyche Rock

Jerry LaFavor & The Expressos: Teenage Express

American Machine: Snowball

The Epitome: Flower Power

Julie London: Dark

The Searchers: Don't Hide It Away

James Fountain: My Hair Is Nappy

Peg Leg Moffett: The Shocker

W.C. Sullivan Middle School (Rock Hill, SC): The Funky Chicken