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Friday, October 16, 2020

Song-Poem Summit: Thomas Guygax, Sr. / James Wilson, Jr.


The MSR Singers: A Pet Pigeon

The MSR Singers1: Sunny Days

The MSR Singers: The Sparrow

Dick Kent: Shellbager

Dick Kent: Times About

The Sisterhood: During Evening

The Sisterhood: Yonder

Bobbi Blake: Good

The MSR Singers: Paradise Pudding

The MSR Singers: At The Time

Milford Perkins: Yearly Secure



Ralph Lowe: Stars Love

Gene Marshall: Evelyn Christmas

Milford Perkins: Amtrak Eagle

Lance Feldspar: Lady Pet U.S.A.

Sonny Cash: Psychic Cigarette

Ace Mona & The Third Generation: Stars Around Madrid

Stephanie Allen: We Love The Kingdom

Dick Kent: Smiling Farmer, The President

Stephanie Allen: Anthemic Star

Stephanie Allen: Grand At Las Vegas

Ace Mona & The Third Generation: A Tribute To Elvis

Carlton St. John: I Am A Black Man

Charles Clark: America's Love Carrier

Carlton St. John: The Glossy Came Hued

Charles Clark: Common Less Sure

Kay Weaver: Astrouniverse

Kay Weaver: Gyrate For Physicet Beam Dreams, Kay

Gene Marshall: President Jimmy Carter We Salute You

Stephanie Allen: Grand Alma Of Chicago