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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Flot's Spot


With Father Flot

Lou Bennett - Hit The Road Jack

Al Wilson - The Snake

Ernie K-Doe - Get Out of My House

Shirley Ellis - Get Out

Bo Diddley - Get Out of My Life

Ramones - Glad to See You Go

Bojax - Go Ahead and Go

AC/DC - Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck

The Rockin’ Roadrunners - Go Away

The Hentchmen - Yesterday’s Trash

Marva Whitney - Get Out of My Life

Little Willie Littlefield - Hit The Road Jack

Sinders - Get Out of My Life

Ben & Spence - A Stone Loser

Wilson Pickett - Three Time Loser

Ty Hunter - Bad Loser

Rosetta Perry - Get Out and Go

Murphy and the Mob - Born Loser

Baby Washington - Leave Me Alone

The Shadows - The FBI

P.J. Harvey - The Orange Monkey

Pearl Divers - Terminal Loser

The Animals - Hit The Road Jack

The Donnas - Get Outta My Room

Satins - Get Out of My Life

Jerry Lee Lewis - Hit The Road Jack

The Underworld - Go Away

Little Willie & The Adolescents - Get Out of My Life

The Supertones - Real Gone Loser

Cavemen - It’s Trash

Little Richard - Two Time Loser

Smack - Hit The Road Jack

Johnny  Thunders & Patti Pallidin - Two Time Loser

Parliaments - All Your Goodies Are Gone

The Bar Boys - Hit The Road Jack

Ken Nordine - Orange

Avengers - Fuck You

The Shadows - Albatross

The Shadows - Stingray

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Columbia Records


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Honky Tonk Man - Johnny Horton
2. Music to Watch Girls By - Les and Larry Elgart
3. She Don't Care About Time - The Byrds
4. Singing the Blues - Marty Robbins
5. Louise - Paul Revere and the Raiders
6. The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp - O.C. Smith
7. You Can't Hide - NRBQ
8. Rawhide - Frankie Laine
9. Lady Willpower - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
10. Hands Off - Aretha Franklin
11. L. David Sloane - Michele Lee
12. Satisfaction - Mongo Santamaria
13. Six of One, Half-a-Dozen of the Other - Johnny Bond
14. Turn Down Day - The Cyrkle
15. Hush - Billy Joe Royal
16. Omaha - Moby Grape
17. London's Burning - The Clash
18. Take Five - Frank de Vol's Rocking Big Band
19. I Can't Turn You Loose - Chambers Brothers
20. Fireball - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
21. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - The Pozo-Seco Singers
22. Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson
23. Main Theme from Exodus - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
24. Heartaches by the Numbers - Ray Price

Monday, January 18, 2021

Voices From Africa


With Dusty Digger

1. Mahlalela (Lazy Bones) (1970) -- Letta Mbulu (South Africa)
2. Le Transafrique (1964) -- Manu Dibango (Cameroon)
3. Angelike Twist (1961) -- John Nzenze (Kenya)
4. Alululu (196?) -- Fred Masagazi (Uganda)
5. Love's A Real Thing (1969) -- The Super Eagles Band (Gambia)
6. Hessa (1970) -- El Rego et Ses Commandos (Benin)
7. Sweetie Love (1969) -- Jabulani Quads (South Africa)
8. Ore Mi Ese Pele-Pele (1968) -- Ebenezer Obey & His International Bros (Nigeria)
9. Mumsey's Hipsy (1969) -- The Beaters (South Africa)
10. Xé-Xé-Xé Kangrima (1969) -- Vum Vum (Angola)
11. Norah (1959) -- Dorothy Masuka (Zimbabwe)
12. Mbube (1960) -- Miriam Makeba (South Africa)
13. Kiri Kiri Mabina Ya Sika (1967) -- Nico Kasanda (Congo)
14. Cha-Cha-Cha Block (1964) -- The Heartbeats (Sierra Leone)
15. Inxeba Lendoda (1966) -- The Mahotella Queens (South Africa)
16. Katéria (1968) -- Duo Ouro Negro (Angola)
17. N'Daya Paradis (1970) -- Tabu Ley Rochereau (Congo)
18. Vida (196?) -- Fred Kanyike (Uganda)
19. Allelujah (1970) -- Songs of the Liberation Army of MPLA: Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola
20. Argos Farfish (196?) -- Sharhabeel Ahmed (Sudan)

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Incense for the Damned (Music for a Psychedelic Black Mass)


With The Spookshow Serenade

1. Intro - "The Black Mass" radio program (voice: Erik Bauersfeld)
2. Vocalisation - Alessandro Alessandroni
3. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Main Title edit) - Lubos Fiser
4. Moon Bird - The Roger Webb Sound
5. Doricamente - Ennio Morricone
6. Jungle Mistery - Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
7. Ave, Lucifer - Os Mutantes
8. All Your Ambition - Saffron
9. Fleurs de Pavot Bleus - Charlotte Walters
10. "Behiold" - Ernest Borgnine (dialogue from "The Devil's Rain")
11. Angel, Angel, Down We Go (title theme) - Mann/Weill (vocals: Jordan Christopher)
12. Hey Mr. Holy Man - Kiss, Inc. (UK 45 version)
13. Unconscious Power - Iron Butterfly
14. Soul Vibrations - Dorothy Ashby
15. Ennio Morricone - Svolta Definitiva (from "Citta Violenta")
16. Nie przejdziemy do historii - Krzysztof Klenczon
17. Chanting - Christopher Lee (from "The Devil Rides Out")
18. Sequence Five - Marcello Giombini & Anton Garcia Abril (from "Mission Stardust")
19. The Mephisto Waltz (Main Titles) - Jerry Goldsmith
20. Good vs. Evil - Les Baxter (from "The Dunwich Horror")
21. Haschisch Party - Georges Garvarentz
22. (Ballad of the) HIp Death Goddess - The Ultimate Spinach
23. Dante's Inferno - Blues Magoos (Mono Single Version)
24. Satori Pt. 1 - Flower Travellin' Band
25. Diodo - Blue Phantom
26. Rites of Yog-Sothoth - Dean Stockwell (dialogue from "The Dunwich Horror")
27. Susie's Gone - Afterglow
28. Goddess of Death - St. John Green
29. House of Glass - The Glass Family
30. Be Quite - Jean-Jacques Dexter
31. Whispers - Cath Baker
32. Black Mass - Mort Garson
33. Dust - Silver Apples
34. Metsa (Forest) - Fyyralyra
35. The Litanies of Satan - Ruth White
36. "Enter for yet another lifetime..." - Strother Martin (dialogue from "The Brotherhood of Satan")
37. The Brotherhood of Satan (End Titles) - Jaime Mendoza-Nava
38. Outro - "The Black Mass" radio program

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Needle Drop


With Richard Sibello

(music bed) Red Prysock - Hand Clappin'
Bobby Parker - Watch Your Step
Gene Summers - School Of Rock 'N Roll
Gar Bacon - Marshall, Marshall
Hugh Barrett and The Victors - There Was A Fungus Among Us
Paul Anka - Uh Huh
(music bed) The Nite Sounds - Cheese Cake
Polka Dot Slim - A Thing You Gotta Face
Eddie Burns - Treat Me Like I Treat You
Stella Johnson - Yeah Baby
The Danleers - Wheelin' And A-Dealin'
Pearl Reaves and The Concords - You Can't Stay Here (Step It Up And Go)
(music bed) The Busters - Bust Out
Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin'
Joe Haywood - I'm Walkin'
Johnny Copeland - Wake Up, Little Susie
Little Joe Cook - Meet Me Down In Soulsville
Paul Sindab - Do Whatcha Wanna Do
(music bed) The Bikinis - Bikini
Bobby Freeman - The Mess Around
Cowboy Copas - Hangman's Boogie
The Torquays - Stolen Moments
The Spirit Of Memphis - When
The Bobby Peterson Quintet - Mama Get Your Hammer
Lloyd Price - Such A Mess
(music bed) Roy Clark - Wildwood Twist
The Dukays - Combination

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Mal Thursday Show: You Pt. 2

 The Mal Thursday Show: You Pt. 2

THE BYRDS: I Know You Rider (I Know My Rider)
DICK ST. JOHN: You Know What I Mean
THEM: You Just Can't Win
VAN MORRISON: He Ain't Give You None
THE VENTURES: When You Walk in the Room (bed)

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS: You Belong to Me/You Little Fool
THE SPECIALS: A Message to You, Rudy
XTC: Are You Receiving Me?
THE JAM: I Need You (For Someone)
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS: Do Anything You Wanna Do
THE VENTURES: The Way You Look Tonight (bed)

ARETHA FRANKLIN: I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)
FREDDIE SCOTT: Are You Lonely for Me Baby
SAM & DAVE: You Got Me Hummin'

LEE MICHAELS: Do You Know What I Mean
DEATH IN VEGAS with PAUL WELLER: So You Say You Lost Your Baby
BOB DYLAN: Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
Make You Mine/Can't Get Enough of You, Baby
THE SMALL FACES: Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am
BOOKER T. & THE MGs: You Don't Love Me (bed)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
I'm Gonna Love You Too/You Don't Know (How Young You Are)
THE UGLY BEATS: You'll Forget
WILLIE NELSON: I Never Cared for You
JOHNNY WINTER: Hook You (bed)

THE MONKEES: You Bring the Summer
LYRES: What's Wrong with You?
THE WOGGLES: Gonna Make You Mine
THE BROOD: See What You Got
THE EMBROOKS: You've Been Unfair
MOTT THE HOOPLE: You Are One of Us

Dick St. John (and Dee Dee)
The Mal Thursday Show on Boss Radio 66: You Pt. 1 and 2, Me, Day, Night, Woman, Man, Off, Need, Come, Gone, Girl Pt. 1 and 2, Out, Down, Over, Alright!, Heart, Home Pt. 1 and 2.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Flot's Spot


With Father Flot

Mose Allison - Fool Killer
Little Richard - Fool at the Wheel
Everly Brothers - Bully of the Town
Gene Vincent - The King of Fools
King Hannibal - Same Ole Fool Again
Buddy Holly - Fool’s Paradise
Johnny Dynamite - Everybody’s Clown
Huey “Piano” Smith & The Clowns - Little Moron
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - The Fool
Jack Lane - King Fool
Buck Owens - It’s a Monsters’ Holiday
Ray Charles - You’re Just About to Lose Your Clown
The  Sonics - Village Idiot
Lezli Valentine - Coward's Way Out
Donoman & The Lakettes - Here Comes the  Fool
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Black Sabbath - Mob Rule
The Fall -  Idiot Joy Showland
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Clowntime is Over
Wylie Terry - Follow the Leader, parts 1 & 2
Huck Daniels - Foolish Man
The Lost Tribe - Fools Live Alone
The Three Degrees - You’re The Fool
Prophet & The Disciples - You Fool, You Fool (part 1)
Buck Owens - No Fool Like An Old Fool
Bobby Fuller Four - Love’s Made a Fool of You
Aretha Franklin - Running Out of Fools
Fontella Bass & Tina Turner - Poor Little Fool
Daniel Johnston - An Idiot’s End
Kim Fowley - Is America Dead?
The Crystalites - The Undertaker’s Burial

Tuesday, January 12, 2021



With Mark Ehmcke

1. The Moog and Me - Dick Hyman
2. Swan's Splashdown - Perrey & Kingsley
3. Twistin' the Reeds - The Three Reeds
4. Perdido - The Three Suns
5. Guitar Boogie - Billy Mure
6. What's New Pussycat - Christopher Scott
7. Up, Up and Away - Rajput and the sepoy
8. Twilight in Turkey - David Carroll and his Orchestra
9. Carioca - Esquivel & his Orchestra
10. Under Paris Skies - Bernie Green
11. Quiet Village - Martin Denny
12. Black is Black - Lord Sitar
13. The Bells are Swinging - Sid Bass and his Orchestra
14. Latin Fever - Jack Costanzo
15. I Hear a New World - Joe Meek
16. Orbit Fantasy - 101 Strings
17. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Klaus Wunderlich
18. Which Doctor? - Les Baxter and his Orchestra
19. Voodoo - Tobert Drasnin
20. Delilah - The Three Reeds
21. You Keep Me Hanging On - Nirvana Sitar and String Group
22. Taki Rari - Yma Sumac
23. Eden's Island - Eden Ahbez
24. In The Mood - Korla Pandit

Atomic Jukebox with Jon - 12 January 2021



Sands of Time - Red Light

Foggy Notions - Take Me Back And Hold Me

Heard - Stop It Baby

One Way Streets - We All Love Peanut Butter

Savages - The World Ain't Round It's Square


Wade Curtiss and the Rhythm Rockers - Bright Lights

Terry and the Pirates - What Did He Say

Eddie Clearwater - Hillbilly Blues

Buddy Sharpe - Jump Into The River

Mike Waggoner - Basher #5


Primitives - Help Me

Beazers - Blue Beat

Small Faces - It's Too Late

Zombies - Woman

Great Shakes - spot with Keith Moon

Blue Rondos - Baby I Go For You


Chuck Bradford - Wherever You Are

Ted Taylor - Miss You So

Ba Ba Thomas - (Why Don't You) Leave It Alone

Eddie Bo - Fee - Fie - Jum - Bo - Li

Larry Bright - Way Down Home


Oceans - She's Gone

Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble


Gene Summers - Green Eyed Monster 



Monday, January 11, 2021

Rock & Roll & Grit & Gravy


With Dusty Digger

1. Up & Down (1967) -- Mom's Boys (USA)
2. I'll Make You Happy (Just Like Your Mama Wants) (1966) -- The Easybeats (Australia)
3. You Don't Love Me (1965) -- The Starlets (USA)
4. I Don't Want Nobody to Lead Me On (1967) -- The Masqueraders (USA)
5. Dark Horse Blues (1968) -- The Fabulous Apostles (USA)
6. Love's Gone Mad (1966) -- Chris Clark (USA)
7. Pay The Price (1965) -- Buffalo Springfield (USA)
8. Secondary Man (1967) -- The Rogues (USA)
9. Turn Her Down (1964) -- The Cupons (USA)
10. No Time (1969) -- The Guess Who (Canada)
11. İyi Düşün Taşın (1968) -- Mavi Işıklar (Turkey)
12. Children of the Sun (1969) -- The Misunderstood (USA)
13. Cynthy-ruth (1970)-- Black Merda (USA)
14. Odyssey (1969) -- The Higher Elevation (USA)
15. Over Under Sideways Down (1966) -- The Yardbirds (UK)
16. They Say (1966) -- The 409 (Canada)
17. Mystic Eyes (1965) -- Them (North Ireland)
18. El Hombre del Brazo de Oro (1965) -- Los Iracundos (Argentina)
19. Why Don't You Smile (1965) -- The All Night Workers (USA)
20. Rainy Day (1970) -- The Blue Effect (Czechoslovakia)
21. I Can Tell (1968) -- The Hassles (USA)
22. Indolence (1967) -- The Matadors (Czechoslovakia)

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone?


With Debbie D

Dee Dee Sharp - Help Me Find My Groove
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Got Myself a Good Man
Headstones - 24 Hours (Every Day)
Sir Douglas Quintet - Bacon Fat
Rocky & The Border Kings - Gulf Of Mexico
Don Covay - An Ugly Woman (Is Twice As Sweet)
Bo Diddley - Dancing Girl
Donnie Elbert - Just a Little Bit of Lovin'
Ray Charles - The Train
Cramps - Human Fly
Michael Lynch - Turn It On!
Bob Seger - East Side Story
New Colony Six - I Confess
New Colony Six - At The Rivers Edge
Monks - Complication
Leaves - Too Many People
Kris Kristofferson - Michoacan
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone
The Box Tops - Happy Times
Shadden and the King Leers - Baby It's Too Late
Joe South - Party People

Friday, January 8, 2021

Songs The Lyres Taught Us, pt. 1


The Nightcrawlers: If You Want My Love

New Colony Six: I Confess

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Here's A Heart

Pretty Things: You'll Never Do It Baby

Tthhemm: Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin')

The Human Beinz: Nobody But Me

Him & The Others: She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies

Dave Davies with The Kinks: Love Me Till The Sun Shines

Esquerita: Gettin' Plenty Lovin'

The Hangmen: What A Girl Can't Do

The Roadrunners: I'll Make It Up To You

Pete Best: The Way I Feel About You

Lee Curtis & The All-Stars: Skinny Minnie

The Scavengers: But If You're Happy

Otis Redding: Security

The Teddy Boys: Jezebel

The Sonics: Cinderella

The Sonics: Shot Down

unknown: Can't Stop The Want I Got For You Babe

The Alarm Clocks: No Reason To Complain

The Jesters Of Newport: Stormy

Tommy Tucker & The Esquires: Don't Tell Me Lies

The Beau Brummels: Ain't That Loving You Baby

Chris Kenner: Sick And Tired

The Wailers: Dirty Robber

Roy Lee Johnson: Busy Body

Tony Jackson & The Big Six: Shake It Some More


Johnny's House Party


With JohnnyKEWB

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Mal Thursday Show: You

The Mal Thursday Show: You

Mal returns from hiatus with an episode all about You.

MC5: Looking at You
THE SEEDS: Satisfy You/Two Fingers Pointing on You
THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND: Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-in)
BOOKER T. & THE MGs: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
THE TROGGS: Anyway That You Want Me
THE HOLLIES: Have You Ever Loved Somebody
THE SMALL FACES: You Need Lovin'/Talk to You
RON WOOD: Sure the One You Need
THE ROLLING STONES: If You Can't Rock Me/We Love You (bed)
THE ALLMAN JOYS: You Deserve Each Other
SAM & DAVE: You Don't Know What You Mean to Me
CARL HALL: You Don't Know Nothing About Love
MUDDY WATERS: I Just Want to Make Love to You
BOBBY DARIN: Irresistable You
CHUCK BERRY: You Can't Catch Me
THEM: Could You, Would You
THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL: You're a Big Boy Now
PETER NOONE: Oh! You Pretty Things
DAVID JONES & THE LOWER THIRD: You've Got a Habit of Leaving Me
THE SHADOWS: I Only Want to Be With You (bed)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine
THE LAUGHING KIND: I Could Have Showed You the Way
WILLIE NELSON: She's Not fo You
FLOYD CRAMER: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (bed)

LYRES: I'll Make It Up to You
THE LEN PRICE 3: I Don't Believe You
THE ROUTES: Make You Hate Me More
HARPER'S BIZARRE: I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
LOVE: You Set the Scene
MANFRED MANN: If You Gotta Go, Go Now

The Laughing Kind
The Mal Thursday Show on Boss Radio 66: Me, Day, Night, Woman, Man, Off, Need, Come, Gone, Girl Pt. 1 and 2, Out, Down, Over, Alright!, Heart, Home Pt. 1 and 2.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Flot's Spot


With Father Flot

The Nite-Caps - Poinciana
Plastichke - Ca Gaze Pour Moi
Monty - J’ai Traverse La’enfer
T. Rex - The Motivator
Frost - Black as Night
The Dragons - Heart Transplantation
Larry Greco - C’est Fini, Bien Fini
Les Problemes - Dodecaphonie
Ramones - Danny Says
Georgie Fame - Night Train
Marie Lafort - A Demain My Darling
The Cords - Termites
Hansje - Silex Pistols Piew Piew
Duane Eddy - House of the Rising Sun
Bo Diddley - Sad Sack
The Embrooks - Dawn Breaks Through
The Seeds - The Wind Blows Your Hair
Kai Winding - Comin’ Home
Jackie Brenston with Ike Turner’s Orchestra - Trouble Up The Road
Chris Spedding Pogo Dancing
The Tremeloes - Instant Whip
T.Rex - Truck On (Tyke)
T.Rex - Calling All Destroyers
Luna - Friendly Advice
Feelies - Real Cool Time
 The Canadian Squiers - Uh-Uh-Uh
Bo Diddley - Gonna Tell It Like It Is
Devil Sauce - Le Chat
The Ramblers - Birdland Baby
The Avantis - Wax ‘Em Down
Monty - Meme Si Je Suis Fou
The Boss Martians - She Moves Me!
Davie Allen - Cycle-Delic

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Blues and R'n'B


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Mojo Workout - Bobby Long and the Satellites
2. Bacon Fat - Andre Williams
3. Make a Little Love - Lowell Fulson
4. Baby Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo
5. I Ain't Got You - Jimmy Reed
6. Shim Sham Shimmy - Champion Jack Dupree
7. Two for the Price of One - Larry Williams and Johnny Watson
8. Steel Guitar Rag - Ike Turner
9. I Want Love and Affection - Nathaniel Mayer
10. Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker
11. Taurus - Dennis Coffey
12. I Just Want To Make Love To You - Muddy Waters
13. Born Under a Bad Sign - Albert King
14. Honey Hush - Joe Turner
15. Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed
16. The Wind - The Diablos
17. Rainin' In My Heart - Slim Harpo
18. Ooh Poo Pah Doo - Ike & Tina Turner
19. Frost Bite - Albert Collins
20. The B.B. Jones - B.B. King
21. Pop It To Me - Howlin' Wolf
22. Sunnyland - Elmore James
23. Locked Up - Sonny Fulton
24. Love Doctor - Millie Jackson

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Evil Dope


With Dusty Digger

1. The Pot Smoker's Song (1968) -- Neil Diamond (USA)
2. I Wanna Come Back (From The World of LSD) (1967) -- The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 USA)
3. Star Trek PSA
4. The Acid Commercial (1967) -- Country Joe & The Fish (USA)
5. Doctor Mind (1968) -- Phluph (USA)
6. LSD (1968) -- Luis Vivi Hernandez (Mexico)
7. Journey's End (1967) -- The Fire Escape (USA)
8. Ravi Shankar PSA
9. Amphetamine Annie (1968) -- Canned Heat (USA)
10. The Evil Dope (1968) -- Phil Phillips (USA)
11. I'm High Again (1968) -- Bo Diddley (USA)
12. The L. S. Bumble Bee (1967) -- Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (UK)
13. Dope Again (1967) -- The Serpent Power (USA)
14. LSD (1968) -- Wendell Austin & The Country Swings (USA)
15. Kicks (1966) -- Paul Revere & The Raiders (USA)
16. Chip Monck Woodstock Brown Acid Announcement
17. Junco Partner (1952) -- Louis Jordan (USA)
18. Filmclip: "Case Study: LSD"
19. The Devil Is Dope (1973) -- The Dramatics (USA)
20. Herbie Hancock PSA
21. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (1967) -- The First Edition (USA)
22. Acid Head (1968) -- The Velvet Illusions (USA)
23. George Carlin PSA
24. Stoned (1969) -- N.S.U. (Scotland)
25. Ringo Starr PSA
26. Dropped Out (1971) -- The Cousineau's (Canada)