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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Boss City


With Debbie D

The Mal Thursday Show: Ballad in Stereo (Deluxe Edition)

The Unrelated Segments: The Story of My Life
The Magnificent Brotherhood: Lifetime
Plan 9: Flashback
Marshmallow Overcoat: Won't Go Away
The Chocolate Watchband: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Madd Inc.: I'll Be the One
The Ugly Beats: I'm the One
Tony Colton: I've Laid Some Down in My Time
The Cords: Cords Inc. (bed)
The Easybeats: I'm a Madman
The Fleshtones: I've Gotta Change My Life
The Animals: I'm Gonna Change the World
The Emborooks: I'm Still Trying
The Shoutless: I Tell No Lies
The Grim Reepers: Two Souls
The Greenhornes: Satisfy My Mind
Sir Finks: Boots (bed)
The Cynics: The Ring
The Malarians: Brightness
Thee Eviltones: Eyes
Manfred Mann: The One in the Middle
The Loved Ones: The Loved One/Your Everlovin' Man
The Fleshtones: Hard Lovin' Man
Alan Price: O Lucky Man!
The Saucerians: Her Majesty's Secret Service
The Who: A Legal Matter
The Painted Ship: Little White Lies
The Yardbirds: Little Games
The Scorpions: Too Many Lovers
The Electric Prunes: Are You Loving Me More and Enjoying It Less
The Greenhornes: Saying Goodbye
Barbacoa: Venus in Spurs (bed)
Jim Jones Revue: 512
Symon Grace & The Tuesday Blues: You Won't Get Me Workin'
The Attack: Too Old
The Soundtrack of Our Lives: I'm Still Aging
The Human Instict: Pink  Dawn
The Kinks: Time Will Tell
Flight Reaction: Take Your Time
Jack Nitszche: Rumble
Paul Jones: Privilege

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Armenia City In The Sky - The Who
2. I Can Take You To The Sun - The Misunderstood
3. So Much In Love - McGough & McGear
4. Reputation - Shy Limbs
5. Gone Is The Sad Man - The Timebox
6. Light Of Your Mind - The David
7. Flight From Ashiya - Kaleidoscope
8. We Are The Moles - The Moles
9. Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad - Caleb
10. Screams In The Ears - Bill Fay
11. Celeste - Donovan
12. Girl From New York - Billy Nicholls
13. My Friend Jack - The Smoke
14. The L.S. Bumble Bee - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
15. Granny Takes A Trip - The Purple Gang
16. Kites - Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
17. From The Underground - The Herd
18. Father's Name Is Dad - Fire
19. Colour Of My Mind - The Attack
20. Octopus - Syd Barrett
21. When My Mind Is Not Live - Status Quo
22. Run And Hide - The Fairytale
23. Revolution - Tomorrow

Friday, May 13, 2022

Eugene Chadbourne: Solo History

Digitization of rare 1982 cassette on Chadbourne's own Parachute label. Separated into two indexed tracks, one per cassette side. Liner notes available at discogs.

Introduction (1975, Boulder)
Love (1975, Blue Dolphin, SF)
St. Louis, Tibet (1977, St. Louis)
Miss Ann
East Was, Texas Was, Evil Was, What Was (1978, Birmingham)
Das Ist Kleinegast CBGBs (1979, Galerie St. Stephen, Vienna)
The Bird (1979, Zu Place, New York)
The Richmond Dobro Massacre (1980, Richmond (VA) Artists' Workshop)
Japanese Way (1980, Jazz Now, Sendal, Japan)
People Want Everything (1981, Niteshade Cafe, Greensboro NC)
The Rake (1982, Friday's, Greensboro NC)

Kogar's Jungle Juice


With Kogar the Swinging Ape!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Mal Thursday Show: Laugh

The Tidal Waves: Laugh
The Monkees: Laugh
The Beau Brummels: Laugh, Laugh
The Apolloes: Laugh in My Face
The Turtles: She Always Leaves Me Laughing
Sonny Bono: Laugh at Me
The Detroit Cobras: Laughing at You
The Ventures: Joker's Wild
The Marmalade: The Laughing Man
The Counts: Laughing Inside
The Bee Gees: And the Children Laughing
The Tropics: Laughing Again
Love: Laughing Stock
The Guess Who: Laughing
Dave Stryker: Nancy with the Laughing Face
The Kinks: Funny Face
Mike Jones Group: Funny Feeling
The Burlington Express: Funny Feeling
The Robbs: In a Funny Sort of Way
The Troggs: Miller Beer spot/Everything's Funny
Billy Childish: Dead Funny
Mary Wells: Laughing Boy
Bobby Darin: That Funny Feeling
The Reactions: Love Is a Funny Thing
The Long & The Short: Love Is a Funny Thing
The Mergers: Love, You Funny Thing
The Cramps: Don't Get Funny
Bob Dylan: It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (take 8)
Super Session: It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Willie Nelson: Funny How Time Slips Away
Waylon Jennings: Woman, Don't Ever Laugh at Me
The Mal Thursday Quintet: Joke's on Me

Duane Eddy: The Laughing Guitar
Peter & Gordon: The Jokers
Anthony Newley: The Joker
The Vandals: The Joker
The Druids: The Girl Can't Take a Joke
The Bee Gees: I Started a Joke
Manfred Mann: Ha! Ha! Said the Clown
The Lazy Eggs: I'm a Clown
Dave Davies: Death of a Clown
Jim Backus & Friend: Delicious

Bonus Tracks:
Freddy Cannon: The Laughing Song
Jolly Roger & The Poppiteers: Joker in the Fokker
The Satan's Breed: Laugh Myself to the Grave
Sweet Cherry: Funny Things Flowering
The Rockin' Rogues: Gotta Funny Feeling
Ray Charles: Funny, But I Still Love You
Mott the Hoople: Laugh at Me
David Bowie: The Laughing Gnome
Bobby Goldsboro: See the Funny Little Clown
Gary Lewis & The Playboys: Everybody Loves a Clown
The Rising Storm: Frozen Laughter
Steve Miller Band: The Joker
The Del-Mars: Joke That Isn't Funny
Sammy Davis Jr: The Joker

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Howie Pyro, The Eternal Teenager


Howie Pyro, The Eternal Teenager

Deep Breath:

It’s only been a few days since Howie passed and it has been very difficult to wrap my head around it. Howie was SUCH an incredible person. He was filled with childlike wonder and excitement about so many things. He was the eternal teenager.  We developed a strong bond over the years that I will treasure always. Thoughts and events have been banging around in my brain since his passing and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to deal without my almost daily communications with him.

I connected with Howie back in the early 2000’s via Myspace of all things.  Our friendship sort began as “frenemies” as we were constantly bidding on the same things on eBay. I would send him a pic of something I won and he would freak out saying “you beat me on that one!” The reverse was also true just as many times. My wife would hear me shout out at the computer and she would check to see if I had fallen or maybe stubbed my toe; nope, just losing some auction to Howie!

One of the first times we met in person was at one of the WFMU record fairs. We chatted for a long while, but then we both had to get to business; he was selling records and I was buying. He also did a fair amount of buying himself.

While at this fair it was always imperative to shop at Todd Abramson’s table. After flipping through the records and amassing a pile I cashed out, but not before I saw a long time want. It was the Mad Mike Favorite by The Youngsters - ZEBRA on Sho-Biz records!  I thought the price was a little high, so I put it in the back of the box thinking, “well if I have any money left at the end of the day, I’ll come back!” That never works out the way you want it to. Right on cue, Howie comes over and starts flipping through the box. Of course he finds Zebra almost immediately, and with a loud exultation he yanked it from the box! “YOINK!”

Foiled again by that infernal PYRO! Side note, I did find that record years later for half the price!

As everyone knows, Howie LOVED records of all kinds. One listen to his show INTOXICA and you’ll hear everything under the sun. From some insanely rare garage fuzz monster from Europe to some dollar record you somehow missed while digging your local roadside junk shop.  He was always on the hunt for records. Whenever I went to a record show he insisted that I send him pictures of my finds. It was a ritual. A ritual that makes me smile to this day. Many messages would end with “I HATE YOU!” and a little laugh emoji. Just as many of my messages to him ended the same way, or with a simple, “UGH!”  Hardcore record collectors rib their friends like the most hardened comic roasting a pal at the Friars Club. 

In his 61 years Howie lived a life most of us would take 200 years to live. I swear he only slept a few hours a night. I would be up at 5:30 or 6:00 east coast time and we’d be messaging back and forth. Mrs Kogar would exclaim; “who are you talking to at this hour?!” Before she asked the question she knew who it was, it was Howie. Stephanie was always concerned with Howie’s health telling me to tell him go to bed, eat a sandwich or drink some water.

When I was in Los Angeles for the Norton Records fundraiser we spent a fair amount of time together. My first day there I don’t think I slept for 24 hours (including the flight over). It was go go-go, go, go go-go, (ya know?) in Howie’s world. Eventually, a few days after the fundraiser I was all set (I thought) to appear on his show. It was a crazy time. I met him at the station at the appointed time and when he got there about 15 minutes before the show, he shouted, “oh no! I forgot all my stuff!” Since I was supplying the records he had it in his head that he wouldn’t need to bring anything. But what he forgot was all his cd’s that featured those iconic samples and station ID’s he would use during the show.

We raced back to his house and then made it back to the station a few seconds before he was to go on the air. In a rush, he gets all set up and moments before hitting the “on air” button he looks over at me and says: “Allright! Ready? I only want you to play records that I don’t have or that have never been played on the show!”  I wish I could’ve seen the look on my face, as Howie gleefully hit the button to start the show! This is the guy who has EVERYTHING! What was I going to do?!  The next two hours were complete insanity in the best possible way. I never expected that kind of curveball.  After losing it for a few seconds, I regained my composure and for the next two hours it was “do you have this? Yes. Do you have this? No!” After the show the adventure continued as we met some guy at a Denny’s so Howie could look through his records. There was never a dull moment in Howie Pyro’s (Sick Sick) world.

After I posted the show on my blog he made this comment over there:

“Thank you! Only a few certain people "rate" to have my blind trust to just throw records down live on the air, but obviously, you are one of them. Thanks so much for "reeling" with me! Haha Reeling brings REALing, and my show, like much of my public life is fueled by chaos, which is why i throw a curve ball to a guest sometimes before the make it as electric & alive as possible. You were a total pro & I truly appreciate it.”

I could go on and on about various tales and cool times with him, but I’ll save that for other posts.

When Howie started getting sick we would talk on the phone and try to diagnose his ailments. Howie did not like doctors and told me that he was so afraid of hospitals because of experiences in NYC in the 70’s. He told me vivid stories of blood on the floor in hallways and other stuff right out of horror movies. I tried to tell him that not all hospitals were like the hospitals in NYC in the 70’s!

I was so happy when he found the right place to help him, but happiness turned to despair when I found out it was his liver that was giving him those pains in his side. I had issues with my gall bladder years ago and was hoping it was something related to that. Sadly, it wasn’t.

I will leave it to his family to describe anything else of what he went through these past months. There were so many ups and downs. So much hope as well as despair. One of the times I talked to him on the phone he had “gotten his voice back” and he sounded so strong. He sounded like the Howie of old, or like what he sounded like on his radio show.  We talked for hours like the old days. We talked briefly of his experiences, but we mainly focused on the usual stuff. What an absolute joy.

Back at the beginning of April I was in California for the memorial service of another friend, Steve Pallow. This allowed me to call on Howie at the apartment where he was convalescing.  I can’t describe how good it was to see him. He looked good, but he was weak from his previous battle with Covid related Pneumonia. We did what we usually did. We talked about stuff that we are into. We talked about Haunted George, and the memorial, and what a brilliant and amazing guy he was. We talked about Howie’s struggles, his ups and downs. It was just like he wasn’t recovering from a liver transplant. If you didn’t know he had been through that it was pretty much just like our average conversations.

He had a new pile of stuff to go through, which he did with glee. He showed me that new Vampira book and it was like he was seeing it for the first time. That was the teenager in him. Constantly there, excited by something new and cool. I imagine nearly every day was like Halloween morning for him. The Great Rat Fink had visited the night before and left packages of books, records, posters and photographs. A common refrain from him was “what about the paper?” He was fascinated with paper. Books, posters, comic books, monster cards, fanzines, magazines. Paper, paper, paper.

I didn’t want to tire him out (usually it was the other way around!), so after about 4-5 hours I had to leave. He gave me some magazines that he had doubles of and said “you’ve gotta check these out!”

That was thing; he was always so generous with stuff, especially information. He got off on and hearing stuff he didn’t know, and always flooded others with information THEY didn’t know. We shared some of the most amazing conversations over the years.

EVERY conversation with Howie led to some movie, book, comic, record that you didn’t know, or that you HAD to check out IMMEDIATELY. I will forever miss that amazing fount of unbelievable knowledge of everything cool, weird and interesting.

I will miss our frequent messages about something new that was coming out. The “oh my god! Did you see this?!” type of messages. Sometimes it got to the point where when I heard my messenger ping, I would instinctively reach for my wallet. But whatever it was that he “made” me check out, it was like a drug for my ears, my brain or my eyes.

Howie, I love you and will miss you for the rest of my days. I will always look back and remember fondly our time spent together and the conversations we shared.  Thanks for allowing me in to your world and being part of mine.  There will never be another like you…



Weird Country Vol. 3


With Mark Ehmcke

1. I Am The Grass - Dee Mullins
2. Lonely Comin' Down - Porter Wagoner
3. The Drunken Driver - Granpa Joe
4. Six Feet Down - Eddie Noack
5. Satan's Chauffeur - Jimmy Minor
6. The Slave - Buck Ritchey
7. You Picked Up a Stranger - Sterling Blythe
8. Paralyzed - Cal Veale
9. Let Me Go, Devil! - Johnny Bond
10. The Needle - Harry Snyder
11. My Evil Mind - Jack Cook
12. One's On The Way - Norma Jean
13. Julie - Porter Wagoner
14. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow - Hank Thompson
15. Birmingham Mistake - Sammi Smith
16. It Took An Older Woman - Jimmie Dawson
17. My Neighbor the Firefighter - Paul Barton
18. The Gates of Hell - Sorrell Pickard
19. Devil get Away From Me - Roy and Georgia and the So and So's
20. Barbara Joy - Eddie Noack
21. The Pain Will Go Away - Henson Cargill
22. Wild She Devil - Lynn Cramer with the Blue Sky Ramblers
23. The Road - Waylon Jennings
24. When I've Learned - Bobby bare

Monday, May 9, 2022

Debbie Does Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban


Archive May 28, 2015

The Belairs - Mr. Moto  
The Scotsmen - Beer Bust Blues  
Astronauts - Kuk  
The Trashmen - A-Bone  
The Animals - Outcast  
Clarence Carter - Tell Daddy  
The Es-Shades - Never Met A Girl Like You Before  
Pendletons - Itchy Bon Mash  
The Chicks - The Rebel Kind  
The Daughters Of Eve - Help Me Boy  
The Easybeats - Saturday Night  
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Big City Lights  
The Colonials - Crawdad  
Gene Pitney - She's A Heartbreaker  
Nick & the Jaguars - Ichi-I-Bon #1  
The Drongos - Under My Thumb  
The Prophets Of Old - Just Can't Wait  
The Brood - Let's Talk About Boys  
The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die  
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - Teardrop City  
The Belairs - Mr. Moto  
Otis Redding - Direct Me  

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Fist City


With Debbie D

Loretta Lynn - Fist City
Wanda Jackson - My Big Iron Skillet
Bat Girl - Equal Pay PSA
Julia Bates - You Done Messed Around And Made A Mean Woman Mad
Julie Durocher - Bad News 
Brenda Lee - Thanks A Lot
Shirley Jean - I'll Get Even With You
George Jones - Lend An Ear
Tammy Wynette - He Loves Me All The Way
Judy Brackin - Mama's Baby Again
Billie Jo Spears - Mr. Walker, It's All Over
Lynn Anderson - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Bobbie Gentry - Seasons Come, Seasons Go
Dusty Springfield - You Don't Own Me
Dee Dee Sharp - Don't Call Me Any More
Barbara West - You're No Good
Sound Of The City - New Orleans
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - That Old Black Magic
Etta James & Sugarpie DeSanto - Do I Make Myself Clear
Angeliques - Sunshine Boy
Jean Shepard - He's My Baby
The New Bangs - Go Go Kitty
Mary Weiss with Reigning Sound - Cry About The Radio
Patti Whipp - Walkin'

Friday, May 6, 2022

Intoxica Radio


R.I.P to fellow radio nut, Howie Pyro.  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Mal Thursday Show: Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush

The Bold: Gotta Get Some
Traffic: Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush
The Counselors: Love Go Round
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: Shakin' With Linda
Spencer Davis Group: Looking Back/Caroline's Waltz (bed)
The Sparrow: You Can't Make Love By Yourself
Steppenwolf: 28
The Primitives: Cara-Lin
The Coasters: Girls! Girls! Girls!
The Nonchalants: I Wanna Do It
DMZ: First Time is the Best Time
Kama Del Sutra: She Taught Me Love
The Birdwatchers: Mary, Mary
Spencer Davis Group: Possession
Traffic: Am I What I Was or Was I What I Am
Andy Ellison: It's Been a Long Time

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