Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Forgotten 45s


With David Bruce

Another wild and wooly trip through time to the golden age of AM Top 40 radio with forgotten hits, Pams jingles, classic commercials and a boss DJ!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023



With Mark Ehmcke

1. Queen Of Hearts - Dave Edmunds

2.  Ace Of Spades - Link Wray and his Wraymen

3.  Wheel Of Fortune - Kay Starr

4.  Son Of Shaft - The Bar-Kays

5.  Carnival Of Venice - Tony Mottola

6.  House Of Bamboo - Southern Culture On The Skids

7.  Think Of Rain - Claudine Longet

8.  Tower Of Strength - Frankie Vaughan

9.  Glory Of Love - Otis Redding

10.  Ace Of Spades - Motorhead

11.  Circle Of Blue - The Archies

12.  Island Of Dreams - The Springfields

13.  Funnel Of Love - Tav Falco's Panther Burns

14.  Shadow Of Love - The Gene Rains Group

15.  End Of Track - Lorne Greene

16.  King Of Kings - House Of Freaks

17.  Out Of Luck - Yachts

18.  Train Of Life - Merle Haggard

19.  Victim Of Romance - Moon Martin

20.  Jack Of Diamonds - The Fendermen

21.  Masters Of War - Odetta

22.  Land Of Dreams - Tony Sandler and Ralph Young

23.  Taste Of Tears - Jeannie C. Riley

24.  Queen Of Hearts - Hank Locklin

Monday, May 29, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Mad Mike Special Pt. 2


With Kogar the Swinging Ape

Kogar’s Jungle Juice #26 Part TWO of my Mad Mike Metrovich tribute! Two MORE hours of amazing Mad Mike Music and airchecks from the moldie oldie VAULTS! This episode features MORE wacked out instrumentals, rockers, rockabilly, 60’s fuzz and (my favorite) whacked out toons of the knuckledragger variety!  Along the way, you’ll hear something that not many people have heard, an acetate from an aircheck featuring a never before released track by Sonny and Premiers! Yow! We’ll also hear a bit about Hanky Panky, The Sonics and how Mad Mike was bigger than the Beatles in Pittsburgh!

Kogar’s Jungle Juice Show #26 Mad Mike Special Part 2
Intro The Revels – It’s Party Time WESTCO
1 Saxons camel walk SHOBIZ
3 The Premieres Firewater NU PHI
4 King Rock and the Knights Send-Di Boss Part 2 ZOOM
5 The Silvertones Get it GOLIATH RECORDS
6 The Vulcans - Shimmy Shuffle FLICK
7 The Coronas All Out Vota CORONA RECORDS
8 Calvin Cool El Tecolote CRC CHARTER
9 the savoys - slappin rods and leaky oil PDQ
10 B.B. Electrode COVER
11 Sonny and the Premiers – China Doll acetate
12 The Cornells - Malibu Surf CAREX

01 little ike - she can rock CHAMPION
02 The Night Raiders Featuring Mickey Hawks Hidi Hidi Hidi PROFILE
03 Big Danny Oliver Sapphire TREND
04 Ervin Rucker Done Done the Slop DUPLEX
05 Eunice Davis Get Your Enjoys DELUXE
06 Mel Williams with the Johnny Otis Orchestra I got Eyes DIG RECORDS
07 Flash Terry Cool It LAVENDER
08 Bobby Lee Trammell Come on Baby ALLEY RECORDS
01 hasil adkins - she said JODY
02 Ronnie Molleen Rockyn Up KING
03 Wailin Bill Dell and the Bachelors You Gotta Be Loose OJ RECORDS
04 Jo Ann Campbell Come on Baby EL DORADO
05 billy adams - you heard me knocking DOT
01 Tommy James and the Shondells Hanky Panky ROULETTE
02 sonics – psycho MAD MIKE MONSTERS – Norton Records
03 The Matches - Gonna Build Myself a Castle JAGUAR
04 J.C.W. Rat Fink Hong Kong Flu KAMA SUTRA
05 The Tulu Babies Hurtin Kind TEMA
01 the gardenias houdini HI-Q
02 James -Red- Holloway Al a Carte MAD
03 Bob Landers with WIllie Joe and his Unitar Cherokee Dance SPECIALTY
04 Boliver Shagnasty (Rusty York) Tapping that Thing QUARTERCASH RECORDS
05 Bob Strauss – Nameless CURTIS RECORDS
06 The Hong Kongs Surfin in the China Sea COUNSEL
07 The Dazzlers Oo Clazy KNICK
08 Chuck Daniels and the classics glass - pal WILCO

Last Song
The Poets Dead FLASH

Aircheck Of The Week


It's May, 1967 with Dave Shafer's morning show on "Fun Radio 8" CKLW, the Windsor, Canada station that served the Detroit market.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Relics and Rarities 03


With Dave the Rave

1.  007 - The Twilights - Cuca
2.  The Pleasure of Your Company - Keith - Mercury
3.  Till I Die - Size Seven Group - Mercury
4.  From My Window - The Shaynes - Pee Vee
5.  I Cannot Stop You - Cherry Slush - Coconut Groove
6.  Go For What You Know - Archie Bell and the Drells - Atlantic
7.  I Dig Your Kind - Mike Watson - Columbia (Canadian Press)
8.  I Gotta Know - Tonettes - Dynamic
9.  Hey Hey My Baby's Gone - Roger Pace - Select
10.Wham! Bam! Ala Cazam - The Tricks - Date
11.Listen To Love - The Tree Stumps - Record-Records, Inc.
12.I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door - Eddie Hodges - Cadence
13.Knock On Wood - Otis Redding & Carla Thomas (Otis and Carla) - Stax
14.You Can't Believe It - Dicky Treadway and the Salados - T.S.M.
15.No Good Woman - The Tree - Barvis
16."8" Teen - ? & The Mysterians - Cameo
17.Sea of Misery - The Most - Columbia
18.Nothin To Lose - Classics IV - Capital
19.Gone Now - Fran Jefferies - Monument
20.I Still Love You - Seven Souls - Okeh
21.Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon


Hanna Barbara Singers - Surf Busters!
Jackie Payne - Go Go Train
Jim Lowe - Green Door
Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
The Trashmen - Church Key
Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Emulsified
Link Wray - Rumble
The Joker - What Is A Fisterris? (DJ Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers)
Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice
Sam & Dave - Small Portion Of Your Love
Donald & the Delighters - Elephant Walk
The Coasters - Little Egypt
Jan Davis - Fugitive
Pandora & the Males - Kiddie A-Go-Go
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart - Out & About
Ray Charles - One Mint Julep
Little Richard - Slippin' and Slidin'
The Keymen - Boy Blue
Robert Parker - Twistin' Out In Space
Gabriel and his Band of Angels - I'm Gabriel
Count Yates - Chimpanzee
The King Pins - The Monkey One More Time
Aki Aelong - Earthquake
Ray and Bob - Air Travel
Ronny & the Daytonas - California Bound
Chris Montez - Some Kinda Fun
Dorothy Parker- Shindig City
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - Without A Word Of Warning
Takeshi Terauchi - South Pier
Teddy Reynolds - Strike One
Otis Redding - The Happy Song
Paul Revere & the Raiders - Kicks
Sal Masi's Untouchables - Pat's Steaks
Larry Bright - Way Down Home
Silky & the Shantugs - Bazooki
The Patty Duke Show

Show repeats Thu May 25 at 9 PM.  Fri May 26 at 1 AM, 5 AM, 9 AM, 4 PM, 11PM.  Sat May 27 at 6 AM, 1 PM, 8 PM.  Sun May 28 at 3 AM, 9 AM.  Mon May 29 Happy Memorial Day! 12 AM, 7 AM, 2 PM, 9 PM. Tues May 30 5 AM, 11 AM.  Wed May 31 1 AM, 8 AM, 3 PM, 9 PM.

The Mal Thursday Show: Before/After

The Remains: Once Before
The Beatles: The Night Before (mono)
The Hollies: Like Every Time Before
The Kinks: Never Met a Girl Like You Before (mono)
The Zombies: How we Were Before (mono)
Unit Four Plus Two: You've Never Been in Love Like This Before
The Treez: You Lied to Me Before
The Everly Brothers: I Was Wrong Before
The Byrds: The Day Walk (Never Before)
Joe South: Before It's Too Late (bed)
Alice Cooper: 10 Minutes Before the Worm
The Wheel of Fortune: Before You Leave
The E-Types: Long Before
The Plagues: I've Been Through It Before
The Obvious: Here I Stood Before You
The Golliwogs: Better Get It Before It Gets You
The Odds & Ends: (Hey Little Girl) Before You Go
Floyd Cramer: To All the Girls I've Loved Before (bed)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The 13th Floor Elevators: Before You Accuse Me
Roky Erickson: I Have Always Been Here Before/Before in the Beginning
Willie Nelson: Willie's After Hours (bed)

Don & The Goodtimes: You Did It Before
The Beatles: One After 909
The Hollies with Peter Sellers: After the Fox
The Zombies: Maybe After He's Gone
The Mindbenders: The Morning After
Manfred Mann: Morning After the Party
Count Five: The Morning After
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Time is After You
The Ho Dads: After Dark (bed)
The Early Americans: Night After Night
The Lords: Day After Day
The Standells: Sunny Afternoon
The Small Faces: Afterglow (Of Your Love) (mono)
The Establishment: After the Lights Go Out
Flamin' Groovies: Comin' After Me (Matrix rehearsal)
The Velvet Underground: After Hours (live 1970)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Shine on (There's Another Day After Tomorrow)
The Smithereens: Blues Before & After
The Window Frame: Before and After

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Forgotten 45s


With David Bruce

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Regional US Rock


With Mark Ehmcke

 1. The Little Black Egg - The Nightcrawlers (FL)

 2. Deck Five - Saturday's Children (IL)

 3. You Ain't Tuff - The Uniques (LA)

 4. Cadillac Man - The Jesters (TN)

 5. Exit 9 - The Heard (TX)

 6. Merry-Go-Round - Count Five (CA)

 7. Nobody's Here To Help Me Cry - Wildweeds (CN)

 8. Kuk - The Trashmen (MN)

 9. Feelin' Lost - The Rationals (MI)

 10. I Can Stand Alone - The Hour Glass (GA/CA)

 11. Judy In Disguise - John Fred and his Playboy Band (LA)

 12. San Francisco Waits - The Family (IL)

 13. I'm Going Home - The Sonics (WA)

 14. Sand Surfin' - The Four Dimensions (NM)

 15. You're Letting Me Down - Anne Sexton & the Masters of Soul (SC)

 16. I Tell No Lies - The Escapades (TN)

 17. Declaration of Independence - We The People (FL)

 18. Comin' Up Fast - The Great Believers (TX)

 19. Again - The New Yorkers (OR)

 20. The Trouble Is You - The Newports (MD)

 21. Queen Of Shadows - The Exotics (TX)

 22. Night After Day - The Hassles (NY) 

Monday, May 22, 2023

Aircheck Of The Week


It's May, 1966 and Johnny Lloyd has the soul of D.C. on WOOK radio.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice 025


With Kogar the Swinging Ape

Here is Kogar’s Jungle Juice Episode #25, Part One of my tribute to Mad Mike Metrovich, iconic DJ and record collector fiend from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Find out why we call him the “Father of Us All!” His influence on our “scene” cannot be measured! The amount of crazy amazing records that he dug up throughout his amazing life is mind blowing. Fan of the song Goo Goo Muck? Love those insane Instrumentals and haunting vocal groups? How about those crazy songs with one word blurted out here and there? Drinkin songs? Jump Blues with double entendres?  These were all Mike’s stock in trade! He drove the kids and adults insane for records.  While the rest of the US was knee deep in the British Invasion, Mike was pumping out crazy records that most people were trying to forget about!  So grab my hairy hand and follow me into the crazy world of Mad Mike Metro and his progressive sounds. Show one features songs with the Jungle Beat, Vocal Groups, Insane Dance Work Outs, and Drinkin’ Songs! Along the way we’ll hear from the man himself, culled from various air checks from my archive….

“Stay Mad and You’ll Always Be Glad….”

--Mad Mike

Kogar’s Jungle Juice Show #25

Mad Mike Special Part 1

Intro Ronny Kaye – Flight For Drums/Twistin Rumble

First set

01 The Rhythm Addicts - Oomp Boomp FRANTIC

02 Shane Kai-Ray – Jungle Talk LODESTAR

03 The Four Sounds Mama Ubangi Bangi RAN-DEE

04 the grand prees - jungle fever CANDI

05 The Wailers Mau Mau photo label GOLDEN CREST

06 The Saucers - Cha Wailey Routa FELCO

07 The Red Callendar Sextette Voodoo HOLLYWOOD RECORDS

Second Set (groups)

01 The Avalons - Malanese OLYMPIC

02 The Aladdins - Munch WITCH

03 shades of rhythm – gumbo CADDY

04 The Blentones  - Lilly MGM

05 The Aqua Nites Carioca ASTRA

06 The Cashmeres Boom Mag-Azeno Vip Vay MERCURY

07 moonglows Been Your Dog (Ever Since I've Been Your Man)

08 The Edsels Bone Shaker Joe CAPITOL

09 The Belltones Swingin Little Chicky OLIMPIC

10 The Grand Prees Sit and Cry CANDI

Third Set (monsters)

01 Hank Ballard Do it Zulu Style KING

02  J.J. Jackson and the Jackals Oo Ma Liddi PRELUDE

03 Patrice Holloway Do The Del Viking part one TASTE

04 Roy Brown - Slow Down Little Eva IMPERIAL

05 Harvey - Any Way You Wanta TRI PHI

06 Baby Earl and the Trinidads - Back Slop SPQR

07 Tasso (The Great) Kain And His Big Orch. – Castros Beat  KAIN

08 The Mosquitos The Fly SPEAR

09 lee tillman - will travel RON

10 Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads   The Goo Goo Muck AUDAN

11 Johnny Talbot And Band – Turkey In The Briar Patch IN RECORDS

Fourth Set (drinkin)

01 the fames - drinkin wine 

02 Jimmy Liggins I aint Drunk ALLADIN

03 Wynonie Harris Bloodshot Eyes KING

04 King Kurtis Wine Head MONARCH

05 johnny wright - wine head

06 The Emcees Wine Wine Wine CIMARRON

07 the devons - wine, wine, wine

08 block busters - cherry juice

Final song Outro

Hank Blackman and the Killers Everyone Has Someone BRENT

Friday, May 19, 2023

Relics & Rarities


With Dave the Rave

1.  Rev Up - Manuel & The Renegades - Piper

2.  Hard Day's Night - Beatles - United Artists

3.  She's My Girl - Bobby Shafto - Rust

4.  She's My Girl - Bobby Fuller Four - Mustang

5.  Mama I Think I'm In Love - Beverly and The Del-Capris - Columbia

6.  I Don't Need You - Sandy and the Beachcombers - Regency

7.  It Ain't Me Babe - Turtles - White Whale

8.  Say So - American Blues - Amy

9.  Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fantasy

10.Love Years Coming - Strawberry Children - Soul City

11.No No No No No - Scott McKenzie - Epic

12.No Baby - The Metros - RCA Victor

13.No Time For You - The Commands - Dynamic

14.You're Late Miss Kate - Jimmy Dee - Dot

15.Look Out - Joel Hill & The Invaders - Monogram

16.Oh Yeah - Joe Melson - Hickory

17.High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis - Sun

18.Lively One - The Passions - Pic 1

19.Can't Get You Out Of My Heart - The Rustics - Ye Old King

20.Any Way You Want It - Dave Clark Five - Epic

21.Elevator - The Grapefruit - Equinox

22.I'm On My Way - Barbara Dane - Trey