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Tuesday, January 25, 2022



With Mark Ehmcke

1. Tobacco Road - The Nashville Teens
2. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Johnny Bond and his Red River Valley Boys
3. Wacky Tabacky - NRBQ
4. (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Heaven - Oasis
5. Smoking In The Boy's Room - Brownsville Station
6. Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford
7. When I'm In My Tea - Jo-Jo Adams
8. Nicotine - Vikings
9. Illegal Smile - John Prine
10. Cigarette - Ben Folds Five
11. Let's Quit Smoking - Super Furry Animals
12. Marijuana Hell - Ron Nagle
13. Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding
14. Dad Blame Anything A Man Can't Quit - Roger Miller
15. Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray - k.d. lang
16. Cigarette Of A Single Man - Squeeze
17. Nicotine Fit - The Society
18. Last Cigarette - Dramarama
19. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen

Sunday, January 23, 2022

DJ Roulette


With Andrew Cartwright

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon


With Tom Hanks

Friday, January 21, 2022

Grey Zone

Joe Bushkin: Hard Candy

Half-Japanese: Hey Laurie

Dead C: Heat

Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes: Le Kleenex, Le Drap De Lit En L'Etenard

Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes: Roc Alpin

Dyke & The Blazers: Funky Bull (pt. 1)

Dyke & The Blazers: Bring It On Back

Carol Jones: Don't Destroy Me

Smith Vinson: Hallucinations

The Fog: Grey Zone

Pierre Didy Tchakounte et Les Tulipes Noires: Monde Moderne

Ndenga Andre Destin et Les Golden Sounds: Ngamba

Johnny Black et Les Jokers: Mayi Bo Ya?

Damas Swing Orch.: Odylife

Joseph Latek Quintet: Sister Mamie (pt. 1)

The Beach Boys: Do It Again

The News: Ya Ya Da Da

Kenneth Deal: Go Go Jumbo

Garry Warren: Midnight Rain

The Invaders: Shock Treatment

Pearlean Gray: For Your Love

Anthony & The Sophomores: Get Back To You

Carl Walden & The Humans: I'll Never Let You Go

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon

 Tune in Friday, January 21st at Noon EST for the latest from DJ Tom Hanks!  And be sure to pick up a Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon T-Shirt in the Boss Radio 66 shop!

Michael Lynch - Tom Hanks!
The Trade Winds -New York's a Lonely Town
The Westwoods - I Miss My Surfer Boy Too
Dave Edmunds - London's a Lonely Town
The Beach Girls - Sking in the Snow
Jan Davis - Snow Surfin' Matador
The Strangeloves - No Jive
Dave Clark Five - Concentration Baby
Brenda Lee - Is It True?
Four Seasons - Brunswick Bowling Spot
Jimmy Fraser - Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones
The Beatles - Cry For A Shadow
The Barbarians - What The New Breed Say
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Shooting Star
Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires - Spinout
Roy Lee Johnson - Busybody
Larry Williams - Boss Lovin'
Hank Jacobs - Hank's Groove
The Mynah Birds - It's My Time
The Barons - Hope I Please You
The Mothers Of Invention - Anyway The Wind Blows
The Uptowners - You're A Habit
Rich Clayton and the Rumble - Flip Side
Johnny Otis - Castin' My Spell
Thee Sixpence - Fortune Teller
Los Doble R - Estas Botas Son Para Andar
Ray Charles - You Be My Baby
The Avantis - Wax 'Em Down
Ronny & The Daytonas - Hey Little Girl
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Little Miss Go Go
The Shangri-Las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss
The Remains - Why Do I Cry?
Michael Lynch - Untitled Instrumental
Tatsuro Yamashita - Tokyo's A Lonely Town

The Mal Thursday Show: Way

Tierpark: The Way
The Nashville Teens: Find My Way Back Home
The Small Faces: My Way of Giving
The Poets: That's the Way It's Gotta Be
The Pete Best Combo: The Way I Feel About You
The Yardbirds: Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
The Who: See My Way/My Way
Spencer Davis Group: Feel Your Way (Backing Track)
Dave Clark Five: Any Way You Want It
The Zombies: The Way I Feel Inside/She Loves the Way They Love Her
The Hollies: I've Got a Way of My Own
The Attack: Go Your Way
The Thamesmen (Spinal Tap): All the Way Home
The Ventures: The Way You Look Tonight
Davy Jones & The Lower Third (David Bowie): Baby Loves That Way
The Squires: Going All the Way
The Bruthers: Bad Way to Go
The Mersey Beats USA: Nobody Loves Me That Way
The Trolls: That's the Way My Love Is
The Changing Tymes: Go Your Way
The Electric Prunes: I've Got a Way of My Own
Randy & The Radiants: My Way of Thinking
The Heathens: The Other Way Around
The Pleasure Seekers: What a Way to Die
The Uncalled For: Get Out of the Way
The Fugitive Five: (I Ain't Gonna Give Up) My Way of Life
The Wrong Numbers: The Way I Feel
Rick & Ronnie: Don't Do Me This Way
The Mothers of Invention: Anyway the Wind Blows
The Furys: This Way Out
The La De Das: Don't You Stand in My Way
The Free-For-All: Show Me the Way

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Reasons Why: Don't Be That Way
The Lavender Hour: I've Got a Way with Girls
Sir Douglas Quintet: One Way Out
The Blind Owls: The Way
Gaylan Ladd: Her Lovin' Way
The Cicadelics: We're Gonna Love This Way

Alice Cooper: Long Way to Go
Mott the Hoople: All the Way from Memphis (Live '74)
The Kinks: The Hard Way
The Chocolate Watchband: No Way Out

Bonus Tracks:
The Deep Set: That's the Way Life Goes
Tonky Thompson: On My Way
The Saxons: Way of the Down
The Weejuns: Way Down
The Del-Vetts: That's the Way It Is
The King Bees: On Your Way Down the Drain
The Black Slacks: The Way I Feel
The Laughing Kind: I Could Have Showed You the Way
The Levis: That's Not the Way
The Damascans: Go 'Way Girl
The Hysterics: Why Would You Treat Me This Way
Gary Lewis & The Playboys: Way, Way Out
The Slaves: Get Out of My Way
The Glory Rhodes: Stay Out of My Way
The Cramps: The Way I Walk
The Ramones: Why Is It Always This Way
Hunt Sales Memorial: Way on My Own
Blind Faith: Can't Find My Way Home

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

This Week In '66 with Lynn Peril - Marie Mulder


With Lynn Peril

A missing H-bomb and “the schoolgirl sensation of American track” were in the news This Week in ‘66!


Szulc, Tad, “Learning to Live with the Bomb,” Express and News (San Antonio, TX), February 26, 1966, 7. 

Ziff, Sid, “Marvelous Marie,” Los Angeles Times, January 17, 33.

Grose, Peter, “Girl Quarterback Now a Top Runner,” New York Times, August 1, 1965, S4. 

Gardner, Paul, “Marie Mulder: A New Look in Women’s Track,” Parade Magazine, May 15, 1966, 8. 

Davidson, Joe, “Hometown Report,” Sacramento Bee, June 4, 2013, C2. 

Roberts, Rich, “Marie Mulder, Social Worker; A Look Back at Track: Racism, Ribbons, and Pot,” Independent (Long Beach, California), July 5, 1970, 23. 

LeBlanc, Pete, “Mulder Talks of Cover Girl Days,” Sacramento Bee, August 16, 1992, 155.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Scratchy Singles


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Mother Popcorn Pt. 1 - James Brown
2. Skip A Rope - Henson Cargill
3. Long Tall Shorty - Tommy Tucker
4. Joanne - Mike Nesmith
5. Reconsider Me - Johnny Adams
6. Boom Boom - David Clayton Thomas
7. The Price - Solomon Burke
8. Shang A Lang - Tinker's Moon
9. The Walker - Duane Eddy
10. Walk Away - The James Gang
11. Will It Go Round In Circles - Billy Preston
12. Once - Larry Hale
13. Gimme Dat Ding - The Pipkins
14. Leader of the Laundromat - The Detergents
15. Love Like A Man - Ten Years After
16. Shout and Shimmy - James Brown and his Famous Flames
17. Lovey Kravezit - The Everly Brothers
18. It's All Meat - Eric Burdon and the Animals
19. Silver Threads and Golden Needles - The Springfields
20. Boss City - Wes Montgomery
21. Riders In The Sky - Dave and Pancho
22. Lah-TeeLah-Tah - The Falcons
23. Give Me One More Chance - Wilmer Alexander
24. Shoo-Ba-Do Ba-Do-Ba-Da - Winston Hewitt
25. Who Turns Me On - Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday Pompadour On Fire


With Dusty Digger

1. Fırtına (1966) -- Gökçen Kaynatan (Turkey)
2. The Goodees (1969) -- Double Shot (USA)
3. You Got a Hard Time Coming (1966) -- The Remains (USA)
4. San Ho Zay (1968) -- Chicken Shack (England)
5. Roadrunner (1965) -- The Animals (England)
6. Te Esperaba (1967) -- Los Pops (Spain)
7. Wild Wild Lover (195?) -- Benny Joy (USA)
8. Send Your Mind (1967) -- Van Morrison (North Ireland)
9. Wait You Dog (1967) -- Mable John (USA)
10. Turn Him Down (1966) -- The Skaliwags (Canada)
11. Mo Jo Hannah (1964) -- Esther Phillips (USA)
12. I Want Some Of That (1961) -- Kai-Ray (USA)
13. Gotta Get Some (1966) -- The Bold (USA)
14. Blues In The Closet (1965) -- Willie Bobo (USA)
15. Part III (1964) -- The Reveliers (USA)
16. Moondawg (1963) -- The Rhythm Rockers (USA)
17. Cool One (1967) -- Sounds Unlimited (USA)
18. Oh, Baby, It Just Don't Matter (1969) -- Sir Douglas Quintet (USA)
19. Windy City (Noise At The North End) (1967) -- The Ugly Ducklings (Canada)

Friday, January 14, 2022

Wicked, Wicked


With Spookshow Serenade

1. "There's something wrong with me." (Dialogue)
2. Midnight Rain – Gary Warren
3. Lonesome Surf - Sessions
4. The 11th Hour – Ventures
5. Malibu Run – Fender IV
6. Genocide – Link Wray
7. Blue Oasis – Chuck "Big Guitar" Ernest with the Satellite Band
8. Cobra – Versa-Tones
9. A-rab – Titans
10. Count Dracula – Rockin' Continentals
11. The Birds – Motivations
12. Pulsebeat – Buddies
13. Rattler – Santo & Johnny
14. Test Driver – Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys
15. "A prehistoric beast in the nuclear age." (Dialogue from "The Beast of Yucca Flats")
16. Evil Hearted You – Yardbirds
17. Don't Try to Help Me – Dogs
18. Marble Orchard – Graveyard Five
19. Untitled (Graveyard Five Theme) – Graveyard Five
20. The Creeper – Mel Taylor and the Magics
21. The Dreg (Fleshtone-77) – Fleshtones
22. Twins of Evil – Essjay
23. "Don’t worry about being scared to death." (Dialogue from "Macabre" trailer)
24. Nightmare – Claus Ogerman
25. Zooba! – The Big Sound of Don Ralke
26. The Scene of the Crime – Dinah Shore (with Harry Zimmerman's Orchestra)
27. Haunted Head – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
28. Gila Monster Crawl – The Sneaky Petes
29. Ghost Party – Black Albinos
30. Panic ("A Trip") - Lloyd Green
31. The Creeper – Little Sonny
32. London Fog – Vitrones
33. "No thing called Douglas." (Dialogue from "Monster a-Go-Go")

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Mal Thursday Show: Norton 800 Top 10 with Miriam Linna

Guest DJ Miriam Linna (Norton Records, A-Bones, Kicks, Bad Seed, Cramps, et al.) spins ten tough 45 RPM monstrosities from the Norton 800 series, while Mal pays homage with a set of Ohian nuggets.

Esquerita: Gettin' Plenty Lovin'
Hasil Adkins: She Said
Andre Williams: Jailbait
Nolan Strong: Mind over Matter
The Ramrods: War Party
The Excels: Lets Dance
Knights of the Round Table: Big Tears  
The Vampires: Fire
Dwight Douglas & the Jayhawks: Interstate 45
Big Brown & The Gamblers: My Testament
CJ & The Casuals: Study Hall
Woody Carr & The El Caminos: My Woman
The Kinks: I Need You
Phil Flowers: Chapel on the Hill
Thee Midnighters: Thee Midnight Theme
Stiv Bators: It's Cold Outside
The Choir: I'm Going Home
The Raspberries: Go All the Way
The Fifth Order: Goin' Too Far
The Pictorian Skiffuls: In a While.
The Outsiders: Time Won't Let Me
The Greenhornes: It's My Soul/Pigtails and Kneesocks
Tiger Bomb: Can't Stop
The Embrooks: Going, But Not Gone
Thee Girl Fridays: The Love Witch
The Mal Thursday Quintet: Don't Want You Either
The Reverberations: Time Stops
Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness: The Mess I'm In
Miriam & Nobody's Babies: Get the Message

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

This Week In '66 - Boy Shortage!


With Lynn Peril


The murder of civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer, a small plane dropping  antiwar leaflets over San Francisco and Oakland, and a professor prophesizing an upcoming man shortage—it’s all in the news This Week in ‘66! 

“Mystery Plane; Antiwar Leaflets ‘Bomb’ the City,” Oakland Tribune, January 10, 1966, 1. 

“4 in Unlighted Plane Drop Antiwar Leaflets, Arrested,” The San Bernardino County Sun, January 16, 1966, 3. 

“Youth Turned Out of School,” The San Bernardino County Sun, January 16, 1966, 3. 

“Negro’s home and store burned by nightriders; 3 hurt,” Hattiesburg American, January 10, 1966, 1. 

“Fire Bombs Destroy Home; Negro Leader Burned, Dies,” Chicago Tribune, January 11, 1966, 7. 

“Recalling the Legacy of Vernon Dahmer, Sr.,” Hattiesburg American, January 22, 2016, F1. 

Vernon Dahmer

Glueck, Grace, “Syndromes Pop at Delmonico’s; Andy Warhol and His Gang Meet the Psychiatrists, 

“Spinsterhood Boom Looms,” Oakland Tribune, January 16, 1966, 1. 

Goodman, Norman, Ph.D., and David Klein, “What Kind of Man Will you Marry?” Seventeen, April 1966.