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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jimmy Bryant & The Voxmobile

Celebrated guitar man Jimmy Bryant poses with the Voxmobile, George Barris' finest creation. Completed in 1968 at a cost of $30,000 it is both an operational motor vehicle and a fully functional mobile amplifier. It has inputs for 32 guitars.

After Vox got through with the car, it was owned by Jimmy Bryant until 1980. More historical details in the clip below, but I must warn you about the annoying goofballs hosting the clip.

And while we're on the subject of Jimmy Bryant, here is a picture taken in his hometown of Moultrie, Georgia.


JamesChanceOfficial said...

Too bad Speedy West never had his own lap steel mobile.

D. Jon Moutarde said...

The picture of the bridge sign makes me smile -- I spotted it on vacation back in 2004, and thought about stopping, but didn't. Always regretted it. Thanks for posting.

Devlin Thompson said...

The Woggles were surprised to stumble accross the Voxxmobile on display in (I believe) a Ruby Tuesday's in Boulder, Colorado when they were playing a festival there a decade or so ago. Perhaps the Professor will pop in to give his own testimony.

Anonymous said...

Goofballs - I love it! LOL! Actually, I've learned that Jimmy did not own the car, he was simply allowed to use it. He did arrive at the '68 Country Music Awards in it though. That must have been a site. Cheers, the owner!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry I meant sight!!!

Anonymous said...

This annoying goofball enjoyed visiting your web site :)

Debbie D said...

Thanks! Now when are you going to take us for a ride?

Anonymous said...

As soon as the brakes work a little better!!!! LOL!