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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have You Been To Swamp Guinea?

Christie Burroughs - Swamp Guinea Legend

Launa Burroughs - Been To Swamp Guinea?

I sold this 45 to Mel Bergman for 20 bucks and a bunch of Phantom Surfers 45s. He was quoted offering 1000 dollars in the Incredibly Strange Music interview. Thanks to Devlin for the replacement disc!


Anonymous said...

Label shot!

And I see that the guy (I think it's a guy) who posted that is a pal of Devlin's.


Jukeboxmafia said...

That photo is hypnotizing. Damn, I'm Hongry!

Devlin Thompson said...

Mr. Newsome (A.K.A. "secondperiod" is in fact my chum , and I believe that I may have gotten him that copy as well. I'm like the Johnny Appleseed of Swamp Guinea! It's funny that it took me all these years to notice that the melody is just "Are You From Dixie?"

Joe said...

I just read that interview a few days ago and for some reason this part of it had been sticking in my head for a few days now. Now I can hear what he was speaking about.