Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Backwoods With John Funke

Meet and greet our latest blogger, Mr. John Funke! He's weird in a good way. Just dig this youtube video Co-Produced by Jess Schumann and David Taber; A short slice of life about one of the greatest radio shows ever. And be sure to check out his Ichiban guest DJ set right over there on the right side of this page, under You Be The DJ. You can and should catch his act every Saturday morning on WMBR in Cambridge, Mass. It's a little show called Backwoods. Hmmm? Eternal gratitude to Benjamin Walker for sending me the link.


Richie said...

John is a good egg.

Oddly, my verification word is "Prone."
What could it all mean?

djpinksweatshirt said...

As a long time Cambridge resident and Backwoods listener, all I can say is that recognition for this awesome radio show/dude is overdue.

Anonymous said...

I second djpinksweatshirt's comments.
John's show has been & is the highlight of my Saturday mornings since b4 the net & I could only listen via the radio with its fade in/fade out & static-y signal.


MPR said...

Backwoods pretty much slays it every saturday morning!

Gotta peanut????