Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Disc Jockey's Christmas Eve


Anonymous said...

I played this track on my show in January '11 and received the following comment on my playlist"

"A Disc Jockey's Christmas Eve / Herb Dotson (sic)? There was no such person. I was an out-of-work radio reporter. A Chicago friend of mine worked for the head of Stacy Records and said I could get some "advance on royalties" money from his boss if I would record a couple of poems he had written years earlier. I said "No" because someday my name and reputation would be shot for making such a terrible recording. He came up with a fake name, and I came up with a fake country-sounding voice, and until this moment it's been a big secret. Sales of the record, I imagine, have also remained an even bigger secret! But, it was fun. - Jack Etzel, (Writer, Broadcaster, Educator.)"

--Doug Schulkind

Devlin Thompson said...

Well, whaddaya know? I'm glad Mr. Etzel came forward now that the statute of limitations has expired. In the words of Paul Harvey... "...and now you know...the REST of the STORY!"