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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Record Store Day

Grooves - San Francisco

Send me a picture of your favorite record, record store or player for this year's Record Store Day slide show.

Sun Ra - Daddy Gonna Tell You No Lies


Anonymous said...

True Vine (Baltimore) and Weirdo Records (Cambridge) prove that quality is more important than quantity.

Timmy said...

Wait a friggen-frickin' minute... That doo-wop tune is Sun Ra? I never knew he did that kinda stuff! How far back does he go? Why am I so confused? And, who's the DJ on this aircheck? What station was it? I am playing it & replaying it. I am flabbergasted. Way Too Coo...

Debbie D said...

Timmy, the DJ is Big Buddy Lowe from WILD in Boston. You should check out the 3 CD/LP set of early Sun Ra blasters on Norton Records.

Anonymous said...

Uhmmmm more like R&B than doo-wop..
still what a way to go to the man I saw in Amsterdam, 1970, with his freak music...but..didnt they all start at the roots somewhere?