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Friday, September 10, 2010

Does Steppin' Out Mean Daddy Took A Walk (MP3)

Red Sovine - Does Steppin' Out Mean Daddy Took A Walk (3:03)

This week's "Country MP3 Of The Week" isn't pulled off a 45; instead it comes from Red Sovine's 1976 Teddy Bear LP. The song, rendered with Sovine's trademark deadpan panache, is delivered from the perspective of a little kid who is struggling to understand all the neighborhood gossip about his horndog of a dad.

The neighbors have been doing plenty of gum-flapping on the topic, but some of the language is just beyond the kid's grasp so he comes to mom with questions like:

"Does stepping out mean daddy went out walking?"

"Does two-timing mean daddy stepped out twice?"

"Does ladies man mean daddy's a sissy?"

Image via Dr. Tabouli's Flickr stream.

1 Comment:

Donna Lethal said...

Oh yes! Right up there with "Little Rosa," step right up for your Guilt Trip, with Red as your tour guide