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    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Jackass Blues

    Elton Britt - Jackass Blues (2:09)

    Elton Britt's 1952 barnyard classic proves his amazing vocal talents extended way beyond his trademark yodel.


    Gyro1966 said...

    Thanks Greg for the great and twisted country music. We hung out in Vegas during the first Stomp - I remember talking hillbilly music even then, and appreciated the cool CD comps you mailed me, thanks. I look forward to your shares here, and I've made several cool Cd comps for my personal listening pleasure.

    Greg G said...

    Hey, gyro! I believe that I remember you....if you're the guy I think you are behind that screen name. Do you by chance live in upstate NY? Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from you again and I see that you're busy posting a lot of the good stuff over at Twilight Zone!

    Gyro1966 said...

    That's me, Greg! I did the 178 volumes of USA Garage Greats at Twilightzone. Keep up the great work!

    Rik Tod said...

    Link does not seem to be working. The page is coming up with a large question mark across the Quicktime logo.

    Greg G said...

    Rik - thanks for reporting the problem. Not sure what the deal is, as this was working fine on my computer @ work but when I tried it here at home (after reading your feedback) I experienced exactly what you mentioned.

    Anyone else having problems with getting the file to play?

    Greg G said...

    > I did the 178 volumes of USA Garage Greats

    Woah, that was an amazing achievement. I remember when those were going up .... I was scratching my head trying to figure out where it was all comin' from. Shoulda known!

    Greg G said...

    BREAKING NEWS: file seems to be playing fine now after tinkering with things on my end.