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Friday, February 4, 2011

Live Music Show

Here's another Live Music Show I put together for Network Awesome.  This time featuring rockers on sit-coms.   The Beau Brummelstones, Sacred Cows, The Gories, The Honeybees, Standells, etc!!  Be sure to look for a cameo of  Phil Spector on I Dream Of Jeannie w/ Boyce & Hart!  And Leslie Gore on Batman!

Also showing today, Twilight Show, Talk Show, Spiderman, You Bet Your Life and The Naked Kiss!!

Don't miss the archive section for more  TV greatness!!


Anonymous said...

Huh?! No "Pushin' Too Hard"?!?! (The Seeds - miming - on "Mother's In Law," 1966)

- B._B.

Debbie D said...

The quality on that video wasn't good enough to segue with the other videos in the set. I've posted it here on the blog before though.