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Saturday, February 26, 2011


WFMU is listener supported radio!  All of our DJs are unpaid volunteers.  Once a year, we have a two week marathon to raise enough dough to keep operating for one more year.   That time is Monday, Feb. 28 - March 13th..  Tune in for all the zany, on air hi jinks on WFMU.  Pledges of $15 or more qualify to win fabulous prizes!  $75 gets you any DJ premium, including the new Ichiban One-Liners CD.  I'll also be live on Fool's Paradise W/ Rex on Saturday March 12th from 1-3 PM est.  Give until it hurts.  I know I do.

Make a pledge Here!

Slim Harpo - I Need Money ($$$)


Joe non Papa said...

Hurts so good! Done! And the Ichiban CD is part of my swag.

Debbie D said...

Thank you, Joe non Papa!!!

Rich Z. said...

Ichiban is now probably my favorite WFMU offering and is well worth lightening my wallet 15 clams a month for. Keep up the great work Deb!

Debbie D said...

Thanks, Rich Z!!