Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunset Strip 1967

This silent clip shows the spectacular beauty of Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, as seen in 1967.


Spazz said...

This is amazing. Friday and Gannon's beat.

Anonymous said...

That's Pandora's Box right near the end - the pink and orange striped building. There's a fence around it and a sign, So I would guess this is just before they tore it down. The tape replays in slow motion the Pandora's box segment.

sshark said...

Keel moose and squirrel !

At 0:43, we see a 15-foot-tall French-Canadian moose standing guard in front of Jay Ward Productions ! The rotating statue was unveiled to the public September 24, 1961 to commemorate "The Bullwinkle Show" joining NBC .

At 0:53, we also see The Plush Pup hot dog stand. In 1971, it became The Dudley Do-Right Emporium (closed in April 2005).

Anonymous said...

pietschreuders put a similar movie on his facebook yesterday, from 1964, hurry !!

DJ Little Danny said...