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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freddie King Live At The Travis County Jail

Here's some really amazing footage of Freddie King live at the Travis County Jail in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker Ric Sternberg sets the scene.

"Freddie was in Austin to play at the Armadillo World Headquarters. Richard Halpin (Jail Arts & Education Project) got Freddie and his brother Bennie to play for the inmates at the Travis Co. Jail. The prisoners loved it. So did the musicians. I shot it with help from William McLellan & Linda Evans. It was shot with a single tube camera and recorded on a 1/2" reel-reel portapack. It is funky old video but a record of a terrific performance and selfless act by the late great artist, Freddie King."


Ric Sternberg said...

This is an excerpt from a 13.5 minute piece I produced, shot and edited over 33 years ago. From this footage, at least 4 other YouTube clips have been uploaded without permission or credits. I don't know how those people got the video but here's the story behind the original...

C. von Grumpy said...

"We're not worthy" but thank you all the same.
Cyrille a happy punter

Anonymous said...

1. producer: Youtube is one illegal mess. 2. Freddie K. played live in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam, around this same time. For free on just another sunday 'noon. He passed away soon after...what a blues-KING.

Ted Barron said...


michiek said...

I accidently saw Freddy King giving his free performance that sunday afternoon in the Vondelpark early summer 1973.

i lived in the street nearby and i took a walk. It just had rained, and it was still quiet in the park. But now it was sunny.

There was big man playing the blues, with his band He called his name was Freddy King. It looked for me if he just landed from other planet,

In fact it was a private concert because there were almost no people watching, yes maybe 20 people.
I was astonished by his enthousiasm and by his sharp guitarsolo's but most of all by his perfect pink suit and trousers.