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Monday, July 4, 2011



m. linna said...

Whazzat mean, the title you put on this? Signed, Dazed and Confused

sshark said...

REVELL - Sponsor (circa 1973), has a new model kit of Jim's Vega available.

RUBBER - Goodyear of Akron (plant converted to R and D in 1978). Jim's favorite to burn. While behind the wheel on a dark PA road, Jim burned himself into eternity under the front of a SEPTA GMC fishbowl bus in 1977.

REBEL - Fire-Eaters , C.S.A.

MIKE CURB (native of Savannah, Georgia) - was the 42nd Lieutenant Governor of California from 1979-1983 under the same worthless bag that is the current Governor of California. Previous to being a Lieutenant, Curb scored two killer films: Skaterdater and Wild Angels. This is his boss 1964 tune (with Davie Allan on guitar) under the moniker of The Hondells. It will forever haunt me as "snack" (gorilla costume PTSD) and not "cause" thanks to Mel and Derek's brain.

Robert Earl Hughes

buriedinvinyl said...

Always loved this track! I remember that I had a 45 of this by Mike Curb that was a vocal. I'd sure like to hear this again if someone can post it here!