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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month: "As Time Goes By"

    It's time for the closing ceremonies of Esquerita Awareness Month, so if you start listening to this as soon as it's posted, it'll end right on time a few seconds before midnight. We're going to play you out with the B-side of Esquerita's last single (the flip can be heard here), his version of the 1931 standard better known for Dooley Wilson's version from ten years later, as heard in Casablanca. I was going to offer up my 78 of that version as well, but I can't seem to locate it, and I have a vague memory that it might have cracked beyond playability some years ago. C'est la guerre. And it's not as if you haven't all heard it, anyway.
    Self-indulgent personal note: As a kid growing up in upstate South Carolina in the '70s and '80s, there wasn't much evidence of anything good ever having happened there, so getting my copy of Kicks #3 and learning that Esquerita was from right up the road in Greenville... well, that was pretty gratifying. At last, a fellow South Carolinian who wasn't an embarrassment. I've learned a lot more about local music history since then , -- maybe sometime I'll tell you about the Monstabuckings, from Anderson, for instance-- but that was the first indication that maybe my homeland had spawned something greater than the Marshall Tucker Band*. And for that I'm grateful.

Magnificent Malochi - "As Time Goes By"

*To be fair, there's a lot worse to be found along the "Southern Rock" spectrum, but growing up in a redneck college town (the worst of both worlds!)gave me an exceptionally low tolerance for all AOR music, whether British- or Southern- accented, which has remained with me throughout life.

Esquerita Awareness Month: "Mama Your Daddy's Come Home"

As Esquerita Awareness Month draws to a close, we offer up the great man in another of his many aliases (to refresh your memory: Stephen Quincy Reeder, Jr. AKA Eskew Reeder/Eskew Reeder, Jr. AKA Esquerita AKA Esqrita* AKA S.Q. Reeder AKA Eskew "Esque-Rita" Reeder AKA Magnificent Malochi AKA Mark Malochi AKA Fabulash, and probably more that aren't documented) with a fine entry from 1968. The last solo record he'd release during his lifetime, it doesn't seem to have charted anywhere I can find, despite Billboard's prediction:
On a personal note, this is a particular favorite of my lovely wife. I hope you like it , too!

Magnificent Malochi - "Mama, Your Daddy's Come Home"

*This is how it's rendered in the songwriting credits on Little Richard's "Dew Drop Inn" and "Freedom Blues". Richard apparently nicknamed him "Excreta", so I guess we should add that one to the above litany of names.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Orleans Shakedown With Richard D

DJ Richard D (mp3)

Guest DJ New Orleans Shake Rock & Soul 8
   Tracks:  60:22 minutes playtime         

*** richard - intro -Drits and Gravy - Talk that Talk
Chris Kenner - (Baton 220 1956) Grandma's House
Eddie Bo - (Chess Uniss 1957) Walk that Walk
                (Chess 1698 1957) Oh-Oh
Paul Marvin - (Ron 322 1959) Hurry Up
Boogie Jake - (Minit 602 1959) Early Morning Blues
Irma Thomas - (Ron 330 1960) A Good Man
Irma Thomas - (Bandy 368 1961) Look Up
Joe Cook - (Apollo 1202 1963) Dish Rag
Donnie Elbert - (Deluxe 6168 1958) Come On Sugar
Robert Parker - (Ron 327 1959) All Night Long Pt 1
Robert Parker - (Ron 327 1959) The Laughing Monkey
*** richard - set recap
Joe Jones - (Ric 972 withdrawn 1960) You Talk Too Much
Lee Dorsey - (Fury 1053 1961) Ya Ya
Ernie K-Doe - (Minit 661 1962) Easier Said Than Done
                       (Minit 645 1962) Hey Hey Hey
                       (Instant 3260 1963) Baby Since I Met You
Betty Harris - (Sansu 480 1968) Trouble with My Lover
Diamond Joe (Minit 629 1961) Moanin' and Screamin' Pts 1 & 2 
Irma Thomas - (Minit 633 1961) It's Too Soon to Know
Betty Harris - (Sansu 461 1967) Bad Luck /
                                 Lonely Hearts
Cyrille Neville - (Josie 1014 1970) Tell Me What's On Your Mind
*** richard - set recap
Skip Easterling - (Instant 3309 1970) I'm Your Man

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eskew Reerer Awareness Month

Tell me what's behind the green door.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month: Little Richard - "Dew Drop Inn"

     Today's tune, released in Spring 1970 by Little Richard and co-written by "Esqrita," was the first single off of The Rill Thing, his first new album in three years and was the flip side of "Freedom Blues", also co-written by Mr. Reeder, . It was Richard's biggest hit in the post-Specialty era, charting in Billboard at #47, and in Cashbox at #62, which I suppose makes it the best-selling disk that Esquerita was ever involved in.
     While the song is a tribute to the famous New Orleans night spot (located at 2836 LaSalle Street), it also serves as something of a eulogy, since it was at about this same point that the club breathed it's last gasp.  Jeff Hannusch has a good article about it's history at the Iko Iko website that I recommend.
     Esquerita's own version of this tune was recorded in the '60s. but not released until 1991 by the good folks at Norton Records. It can be had either as a 7'' or as a bonus on the CD version of Vintage Voola. Maybe you should just get both, to be safe!

Little Richard - "Dew Drop Inn"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gary Garcia 1948-2011

The media coverage of Gary Garcia's death on November 17th was understandably  focused on his status as half of Buckner & Garcia (I'm not going to embed "Pac-Man Fever" here, but if you simply must hear it, you can see them perform it on American Bandstand here). Here in Ichiban-land, though, we mourn him as the leader of Akron, Ohio's Outlaws. You can hear them perform "The Scavenger" here, courtesy of Bob the Sponge. Side note: the still-living Jerry Buckner was apparently a member of the Rogues, who made a couple of records backing up Harvey Russell, the "Singing Cop".  Here's the first one-- a fine Isley Brothers cover.
Photo swiped from Buckeye Beat
  While they met in Akron as students at Perkins Jr High School, Mr. B and Mr. G plied their trade in Atlanta from the mid-'70s on, and that's where they created their most important contribution to American culture. Any Southerner-- or anyone who's ever gotten hungry on the interstate in the South, for that matter-- is familiar with the row of site-specific singles on every Waffle House jukebox. Most of those singles are produced or performed by Buckner and/or Garcia. Here's a label shot of one, courtesy of our own Greg G. 
  So, next time you're eating hash browns by the off-ramp at 2:45 AM, punch up a couple of WH anthems and raise your glass of sweet tea in a toast to Mr. Garcia. Make sure your food's already on the table, though... I've encountered Waffle House employees who aren't all that thrilled to hear "Waffle House Woman" or "844, 739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger" yet again, and they're not willing to say that they won't spit in your food. Fair warning.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Honeymoon With The Blues (MP3)

Eddie Noack - Honeymoon With The Blues

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lux & Ivy's Faves Volume 16!

Head over to Kogar's Jungle Juice blog for the latest!!!

Note From The Editor

We are currently working on getting a new player for our 24 hour webstream. In the meantime, you can listen via any mp3 player by opening this address:

You can also find us in Itunes under Radio/Golden Oldies/WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban.  This also shows the song title/artist playing.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Limehouse Blues

I never get tired of guitarist Billy Mure's spectacular version of this old jazz standard.

Esquerita Awareness Month: "Sweet Skinny Jenny"

      This is the A-side to Mr. Peek's first solo single; the B-side may be heard here, where its context, and the origins of this particular copy are discussed at length. Besides Peek and Esquerita, this session also included future NRC recording artists Joe South and Ray Stevens.

     I held off on posting this last week because I was hoping to relate an amusing anecdote about Mr. Peek, but the person I heard it from some years back no longer remembers the details, so I'm gonna skip it. It wasn't that great anyway, I guess.

Friday, November 18, 2011


House Of Guitars

Big thanks to Sid Kleiner over at the House Of Guitars for sending in lots of 45s and reel-to-reels.  Here's my current fave.

Chuck McCloud and The Ramblers - Green, Green Grass Of Home (45)

Alf Newman?


Let's_Do_the_Fink (link fixed)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm so excited to see this documentary! i just learned of it's existence on ebay (!!??!!) and then found that it can be watched in 5 parts here!
there was no embed link so just click on the link above & get Morgusized!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Greg Cartwright Spins

Finally!  Greg is back with another action packed DJ set. 

1-Ervin Rucker - Hideout
2-The Elites - What's The Password
3-Jim Backus - Short On Love
4-Riley Wyldflower - Smog Song
5-Paula Goodridge - Peanut Butter
6-East Side Kids - Subway Train
7-New York Dolls - Subway Train
8-Teardrops - Sweet Sweet Sadie
9-Grady & Brady - Love Or Money
10-Cris Stevenson - Little Girl
11-Lee Hazlewood - Della
12-Music Explosion - Dazzling
13-Chris Kenner - Right Kind Of Girl
14-Pearl Woods - Right Now
15-Lamont Anthony - Popeye
16-Timmy Shaw - Thunder In My Heart
17-Koko Joe (Abner Jay) - Insomniac
18-Merced Blue Notes - Rufus Jr.
19-Eddie Ray - Do It Right Now
20-Conway Twitty - Go On and Cry
21-Mel Anton & The Checkers - Little Girl
22-Henry & His Kasuals - Little Girl
23-Squires V - I'm Thru
24-Larry Knight & the Upsetters - Hurt Me
25-Ronnie Self - Houdini
26-Honey Duo Twins - Come On Baby
27-Cottilions - Sahara

Vol. 5!

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

Vol. 4

Vol. 6

Vol. 7

Sunday, November 13, 2011


As mentioned on Fool's Paradise yesterday!

The Coasters - Dance! (45)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday At The Hide Out

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dave "Baby" Cortez Goes Country

So I understand that organ man Dave "Baby" Cortez has a new album coming out soon on Norton Records. If he slips in another crazy country cover or two I, for one, will be a very happy customer.

I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight (MP3)

Wilburn Brothers - I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Esquerita Goes To Texas

Caption: Esquerita on the move, Good Publishing Warehouse, Fort Worth, Texas.

Photograph via The Great Lost Photographs Of Eddie Rocco (Kicks Books, 1997).

Wild Wild Party

I've heard that there is a wild shindig going down in Brooklyn this

Darryl Vincent - Wild Wild Party

See ya there.
We'll be rocking & reeling & hanging from the ceiling.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

South Bay Surfers Invade Brooklyn!

Party Lights - South Bay Surfers

Laid Off!

Esquerita - Laid Off


Mississippi God Damn

WIBG TOP 99 For The Week of November 4, 1963

This post is going up 48 years and 4 days late, but close enough, right? Looking over this, I believe I own 39 of these on 45. Here's #51 for your listening pleasure.

    This one presumably got a few spins over in Merrie Olde Englande, because the next year, Pep-pill popping P.R. Man Peter Meaden (1941-1978) shamelessly rewrote it with new "mod" lyrics for the first single from a band he was then managing called the High Numbers. The single flopped, Meaden was dismissed, and the band presumably vanished into obscurity.
   I'm certainly not going to post every song here for you, but here's #76 and the flip side of #92 (the A-side's fine, but the backside is more appropriate for this venue).
  If you want to hear what the kids in Philadelphia were listening to a few years earlier, Joe Niagara recreated a bit of his show on Cruisin' 1957, which shouldn't be too hard to track down. And while he checked out of this world in 2007, Hy Lit can still be heard deejaying from beyond the grave on (I assume... I had trouble making it load, but it may be a Mac/PC thing).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kicksville Confidential

Torrid Tales From The Wild World Of Norton Records!  Avi Spivak has illustrated an amazing comic filled with ALL TRUE stories from the label with the able stable!!  "Norton's got a six and a half foot cyclops drag queen, a pair of singing siamese twins, an indian with one lung, at least 3 murderers, an elephant thief, about a dozen guys who wear turbans....and we haven't even gotten to Kim Fowley" - Billy Miller/Ugly Things Magazine.  Get it Here!!  Launch party at Desert Island Books Wednesday, November 9th, 7 PM.  Followed by all night rock 'n' roll dance party at Union Pool.  DJ Howie Pyro presiding.  More infos here.

Happy 25th Anniversary Norton Records!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month: "The Rock-A-Round"

     Paul Peek and Esquerita were both from Greenville, SC, and met while Mr. Reeder was headlining there at the Owl Club in 1958. Paul was justifiably impressed with Mr. Reeder's act, and introduced him to his boss at the time, Gene Vincent, who would soon use his influence to get him signed to Capitol records. Before that point, though, he helped arrange for Esquerita and his band to cut several demos in Dallas, as well as today's selection (this material is all collected on Vintage Voola, from Norton records). This was Mr. Peek's debut record, as well as the first NRC single, and was co-written by Peek and "Esque-Rita" (if by "co-written", one means "swiped from Ahmet Ertegun and Ray Charles"--- but why nitpick?).
      This particular scratchy sound file, however, is not from that album. It's from the single pictured above, which I and an accomplice "shoplifted" from a Kroger supermarket, circa 1993! Perhaps this requires explanation: at that time, the now-defunct Broad St. Kroger here in Athens, GA was doing a goofy "Back To The '50s" promotion, with the store haphazardly decorated for the occasion. There were posters and crepe streamers throughout the store, the freezers had an assortment of pedal cars on top for some reason, and the deli section had dozens of 45s dangling on ribbons from the ceiling. They had clearly just gone to the Potter's House thrift store and grabbed up a six-or-eight-inch stack of singles from the top of the pile, and the bulk of them were '70s & '80s junk: Osmonds, KC & The Sunshine Band, and worse. On maybe my second or third visit during the promotion, though, I was shopping late, around midnight, and happened to see a familiar label out of the corner of my eye, and looked closer to see the above record (no sleeve-- I added that later). Looking around a lot more carefully, I saw nothing else of interest, except for a second copy! THey were hanging just out of my reach, so I went home, grabbed a couple of junk 45s, then went next door and fetched a fellow record hound, the slightly-taller Mr. Jim Tucci, and returned to the grocery store. he yanked down the records, we tied the ribbons to our replacement singles and left them on the floor (see? It wasn't actual thievery!), selected our groceries, and went home.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trouble In Teepee (MP3)

Deb Wood - Trouble In Teepee (2:01)

Public Service Announcement

Please see Cirkus Berserkus for an important message.


Weird, Shocking, Savagery in Native Jungle Haunts... INDEED!

Macumba Love Trailer (1960)

AND... since I always thought I heard "Macumba" as part of the background doo-wop chanting
in one of my all time fave "answer songs," I'm a gonna hit you like a tribal drum with...

                                             PLEASE HELP
"The Lion's got a notion I'd make a tasty po(r)'-tion" slays me every time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month

I Woke Up This Morning - Esquerita

Norton Records 25th Anniversary Celebration On Music To Spazz By!!

Tomorrow night on Music To Spazz By, the Norton Records gang will drop by to celebrate 25 rockin' years in show biz.  Expect torrid tales, insane 45s and scores of celebrities from the label with the able stable to check in.  PLUS--the worldwide announcement of the Norton Records Customer of the Year (five years ago, a stunned Robert Plant received this top honor!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month

Esquerita - 10-4 (Calling All Cars)


Celebrating DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, here are some trailers from horror films made by our friends south of the border.



and a double feature trailer for THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN / THE ROBOT VS.
THE AZTEC MUMMY (in HypnoScope!)


Thanks A Lot!

Thanks to all the Ichibaners who pledged during our silent fundraiser!!  Joe, Carmen, Jimmy, Greg, Richard D, Michael, Kogar, Melissa, Brendan, Bob, Jennifer, Howie, Alex, Dorinda, Brian, Gary, Tom, Richard and Jason!  You guys rule!