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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look who's back in town!

Although in order to escape personal demons Arthur Alexander ended up dropping out of music & driving a bus in Cleveland for most of the eighties, he did get to experience a comeback of sorts before his passing in 1993. At the time of his death he had just released a new album and was playing many well received shows around the country.
Nice that Arthur got to see a little good luck at the end instead of more of the bad luck that seemed to dog his entire career.

He's one of my faves of southern soul & this is going all the way back to his first...

June (Arthur) Alexander - Sally Sue Brown

Happy Arthur Alexander month - SHO'NUFF!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this song and well told bit of obscurity!

Timmy said...

Arthur was one great enterpreter of singing. I heard an interview he did with (I think Terri Gross) on NPR, just days prior to his passing. If you can locate that it is well worth listening to.

Timmy said...

AND... just in case you care, there's that episode of "Married With Children" when Al goes to a record shop in search of a long lost favorite 45 of his... Yep, "Anna" by A.A.