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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ichiban One-Liners!

Here are some fun facts that you may not know about WFMU:

• We have made our signal available worldwide via the internet.

• We now offer podcasts, blogs, alternate webstreams and an enormous programming archive, providing our online listeners with countless forms of entertainment.

• And we have done all of that without accepting money from corporations or underwriting.

• WFMU is completely independent, which is a claim that few other non-commercial stations can make. We have to pay for everything ourselves, from headphones to rent to electricity, roof maintenance, telephones, etc. There's no "them" to give us any kind of support whatsoever.

• WFMU DJ's do not get paid. No one gets reimbursed for labor, travel, expenses, "Santo research", parking tickets, 45s.

• We're economical and resourceful. When a piece of equipment breaks, we try and fix the old one. Our headphones are held together by duct tape and our turntables are supported by inner tubes.

• WFMU does not take money with strings attached. We don’t accept money from a university or underwriting.

Once a year we throw a big fundraising party and invite every listener to throw in a few clams to keep us on the air for one more year.  That means you!!  We even offer fabulous prizes and swag for your pledge of support.


A $50 pledge gets you entered in the drawing for Ichiban One-Liners, complied by artist extraordinaire,  J.R. Williams!!!  Pledge here before Friday, February 24th at 5:00 PM EST.

More infos coming your way next week!!


J.R. Williams said...

Wild! The track list for my One-Liners comp is here:

C. von Grumpy said...

Just did my good deed of the day, Tally-ho!!!!!!

Debbie D said...