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Saturday, February 4, 2012

JOE TEX month Day 4: Jalynne and the Pickwick Perplex

After Joe left the Ace label, he made a pit stop at the New York based Jalynne Records. As far as I can tell he only released one 45 for this label, featuring the countrified "Wicked Woman" (more domestic drama in the work-a-day world) on the A side and the bluesy "Goodbye My Love" on the flip.

At least it's also available in mono

Once Joe achieved some fame, a number of comps of his early material became available through budget labels. This Pickwick one, unfortunately, is deceptive. Beyond the released Jalynne material there are some songs that sound a lot like Joe Tex, but an awful lot of the material doesn't. Roctober's very useful Joe Tex album guide confirms my long time suspicion that a lot of these cuts aren't really Joe Tex. At least Crown Records or Guest Star had the decency to hip a collecta to the fact that they were only getting a few cuts by the artist Fazzio'd on the front!

One of the songs that I'm pretty sure is Tex, due to the voice and the ridiculousness of the subject matter, is the rockin' "Talkin' Dog", which, beyond the Jalynne single, is the main reason to spring for this should you ever see it in a dolla bin at the flea market.


phipps11 said...

Interesting! Please post the b-side! -- Jon

Mr. Soul Motion said...

No problem. Posted in the body of the TEXt!

domino9 said...

Sorry to be fussy but I don't think 'Talkin' dog' is a JT track. The most complete JT discog I've seen (Soul bag) claims there are only 2 Joe tracks on the entire Pickwick album. Looks like they made a whole LP out of one Jalynne single! One of the all time rip offs?

phipps11 said...

Thanks for the b-side! -- Jon