Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dottie Cambridge He's About a Mover

If it was a hit on the pop charts for the Sir Douglas Quintet, producer Huey Meaux figured he could just alter the arrangement and lyrics to do the same on the R&B charts. Speed it up to an almost ridiculously fast pace, add some catchy horns and let Cambridge shout about a man instead of a woman.

While the Crazy Cajun clearly had a good idea on his hands with the recharged version, the single never garnered much airtime on the radio and failed to be a mover off the record store shelves.

Cambridge would later rechristen herself Dorothy Moore in the seventies and find her place on the charts with "Misty Blue."

Dottie Cambridge "He's About a Mover"


Mr. Soul Motion said...

Absolute monster version! But man oh man do you need a quality dancefloor to make it work - this one spins lesser dancers right off to the edges.

Kongorilla said...

Yass. Had this one for a couple years but abso right about fitting it in the mix. Maybe friday the 13th is just the night!