Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sir Douglas Quintet: Blue Norther

The flipside of the Tribe single "The Tracker" is an eerie minor key rocker called "Blue Norther". The term "blue norther" itself is Texan for a cold front that drops the temperature suddenly and brings a storm, usually followed by a period of blue skies and cold weather. With its menacing rhythm guitar, spooky backups and ominous Augie Meyer organ, this song evokes that sudden chill very effectively, signalling a uniquely Texan rock and roll band with deeper regional and musical roots than your average teenage combo.

While it's easiest to find "Blue Norther" on Tribe, the song was actually the flipside of the very first Sir Douglas Quintet single, released on Pacemaker in '64 (the topside was the Cajun stomper "Sugar Bee"). It's the same version as the Tribe version but has an earlier fade.


Anonymous said...

I love the label name, Pacemaker! How times have changed our language! Postman Tom

Anonymous said...

the picture sleeve, is it Dutch ? ( or Belgian) looks familiar, lots of 45s were done this way...quite a prize at auctions, soooo rare. amsterdamman