Thursday, January 10, 2013

Musical Chairs

B.B. Kings
A few programming notes here at Ichiban HQ. Starting this Saturday, Live From The Admiral in beautiful Asheville NC will be manned by Dr. Filth sans Greg Cartwright. Look for more DJ sets from Greg in the near future. Debbie Does WFMU moves to Sundays 3-5 PM. Skipping this Sunday for the WFMU Record Fair at the Bell House. Hope to see you there. Coming soon, Phil Milstein from Probe Is Turning On The People will do a live on tape show on Ichiban.   Ted Barron's show has been cancelled and Matt Fiveash has called it quits so you will hear more trackin', less yakkin' on Thursdays.

Also of note, Reigning Sound have had to cancel their appearance at the Bell House this Friday for the Norton Records benefit due to illness.  Watch this space for the make up show.

Reigning Sound - Straight Shooter


only a 10-year supporter said...

I hate this kind of thing. The people in charge determine, in advance, that I will not understand their reasons for their autocratic actions, so they refuse to explain them (beyond the most simplistic generalities). Do you understand that I donated (however pitifully) to WFMU because of shows on the Ichiban stream like Ted's and Matt's? The very least you can do for the people who have given you money in the past is explain what's going on, so reasonable adults can consult with their own consciences about their relationship with the station. Anything else is devious on it face.

Debbie D said...

Ted announced his DJ gigs on air which is a conflict of interest for a non-profit. He also does not volunteer at station events, required. Matt quit.

Anonymous only a 10-year supporter said...

Thank you. That does make some kind of sense. I will miss those shows, though.