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Monday, February 11, 2013

Champion Jack Dupree live on French TV!

Check out this fantastic solo piano footage from CJD, recorded in France in the 60s.  Dupree's set starts at 13:41. The pianist who plays the first set is Joe Turner (not the Big one), a stride pianist whose sophisticated style makes for great contrast to the Champ's enthusiastic finger stomp.

Jack's set is about 20 minutes long and covers the basic gamut of his techniques.  Drinking with his left hand while playing with his right?  Check.  Foot tap solo?  Nice one, at 21:00.  Shakespeare mangling?  Yup.  Story about a "chicken" house where they sold whiskey called "Sonny kick your Mammy" and reefer called "Brother Jones"?  Yes.

He also explains his wild left handed style (at 28:20) by saying, "They keys I hit, I don't know - you'll have to ask Joe Turner.  I just hit anywhere.  Like Shakespeare say, black and white will do."