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Monday, March 18, 2013


Thanks to all the Ichibaners who have pledged to our 2013 - Year Of The Snake Fundraising Marathon!  We reached our goal!!!

Ichiban All-Stars include William T in NY, Stephanie C in Boise, our own Bill Kelly, Paul T in Ma, Eugene R in Jersey City, Carmen S in Philly, Michael F in Brooklyn, Justin C in Brooklyn, Sebastian V in Canada, Keenan P in Brooklyn, Erick Z in NYC, Joe R in NYC, Paul H in Canada, Anna A in Brooklyn, Mark E in Canada, Vito D in Canada, Station Manager Ken, last week's co-host, Chris T!, Give The Drummer Radio's Doug Schulkind, our own Terre T, Eva Z in Brooklyn, Wasted T in Brooklyn, Andrew S in NJ, Kelly H in Canada, John T in beautiful Burbank, California, Greg G in Georgia, Jonathan L in Ca, Matthew C in Ky, Dan M in Sea Bright, NJ, Tania B in Somerville, Ma, Steven Rk in Arlington, VA, Laura B in Brooklyn, Thomas P in Sweden, Mike D in Palm Harbor, Fla, Brian D in Chicago, John S in Kingston, NY, our own Irene Trudel, Gaylord Fields, Rex Doane and Kevin Nutt, Arjan P in the Netherlands, Holly in Durham, NC, Andy R in Greeneville, TN, Chris H in Hackensack, Chris P in the UK August G in NYC and Colin M from Austria.  You guys rule!!

1 Comment:

Dan said...

Just sent another $365 your way.