Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Liquid Guitar of Vinnie Bell

1 Ferrante & Teicher: Midnight Cowboy
2 Frankie Calen: (Help Me) Telstar
3 Diane Renay: The Company You Keep
4 The Chanters: Bongo, Bongo
5 Bob Crewe: An Angel Is Love
6 The Moons: Gammera
7 The Baby Dolls: Now That I've Lost You
8 Kai Winding feat. Kenny Burrell: Surf Bird
9 The Cheese Cakes: Heading For A Heartbreak
10 Ichabod & The Cranes: Supermarket Of Love
11 The Vampires: The Creep
12 Johnny Thunder: Horror Show
13 The Crystals: My Place
14 Tracey Dey: Any Kind Of Love
15 The Tymes: Street Talk
16 Carmen Taylor: My Son
17 The Archies: The Weatherbee
18 Frankie Valli: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
19 The Bob Crewe Generation: The Black Queen's Beads
20 Johnny Cymbal: Robinson Crusoe On Mars
21 Gene Pitney: The Last Two People On Earth
22 Robert Mosley: Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
23 Bobby Shad & The Bad Men: I Want You Back
24 Rita Pavone: Don't Tell Me Not To Love You
25 Declaration Of Independence: Morning Glory Man
26 The Cinderellas: Please Don't Wake Me
27 Reparata & The Delrons: Saturday Night Didn't Happen
28 Quadrangle: She's Too Familiar Now
29 Errma Franklin: Abracadabra
30 Eddie Rambeau: The Train
31 The Cherry People: Don't Hang Me Up Girl
32 Ferrante & Teicher: Lay Lady Lay
33 Gene Pitney: Just One Smile
34 The Shangri: Las: Past, Present And Future
35 Teri Thornton: Why Don't You Love Me
36 Tracey Dey: I Won't Tell
37 Gene Stridel: Where Does That Leave Me
38 Shirley Ellis: I See It, I Like It, I Want It
39 Steve Karmen: Let's Get Down To It
40 The Heatwaves: Nowhere To Go
41 The Unclaimed: Memories Of Green Eyes
42 Diane Christian: It Happened One Night
43 The Brass Ring: Rosemary's Baby
44 Donna Lynn: When Your Heart Rings, Answer (Don't Hang Up On Love)
45 Vinnie Bell: Shindig


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Greg G said...

Thanks, SW. I dig Vinnie Bell, especially his instrumentals.